Has Hu Jintao's Behavior Changed? | Recorded Future

Posted: 31st March 2010
Has Hu Jintao's Behavior Changed? | Recorded Future

As we've noted previously, Hu Jintao was a very active traveller in 2009 and an active participant in international meetings. However - after his non-appearance at the global warming summit in Copenhagen (when he was busy doing energy deals in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) his travel activity has decreased, his coverage in media as fallen, and finally, his external communications have plummeted.

We will explore these patterns and discuss their potential implication.

The "official view" on change in leadership in China is that in 2012 both Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao will step down (when Hu's maximum tenure is up, by the time of the 18th party congress), and the current vice president Xi Jingping will step up to become the new president. We can very easily see this in Recorded Future by just typing EmploymentChange Hu Jintao Future - and get the below result.

Employment Change

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Travel Patterns

First we review the travel patterns of Hu Jintao in 2009-10 by posing the question Person Travel Hu Jintao 2009-01-01--2010-12-31. We can visually inspect how President Hu's travel has shrunk across 2009 and even come to a stand still lately (including uncertainty around a trip to the US in April for a key nuclear weapons summit). In 2009 Hu visited a whole set of countries, key meetings, and world leaders.

Hu Jintao Travel Timeline

We can also export these travel patterns to Google Earth to visually and geographically review where President Hu has travelled across time. Click here to explore Hu Jintao's travel patterns in Google Earth.

Google Earth and Recorded Future

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