We give you a critical edge against adversaries

We live in a world where threats are accelerating and converging around us. Adversaries are infiltrating weak targets and disrupting organizations and lives. The right intelligence at the right time gives you a critical edge to disrupt the adversary. Enter Recorded Future.

We give you a critical edge against the adversary

The most complete coverage

The only way to disrupt the adversary is to stay one step ahead – know their intents, toolsets, infrastructure, targets – and use this intelligence to inform action. Recorded Future provides the most complete coverage of intelligence across adversaries, their infrastructure, and the organizations they target.

Automated collection combined with human analysis

Automated collection combined with human analysis

Unlike providers who focus on either human or machine capabilities, Recorded Future combines machine and human elements of collection, processing, and analysis. We pair together advanced and proprietary machine and automation capabilities with our human expertise through our expert research team, the Insikt Group, and combine them within our Intelligence Graph to provide real-time context and correlation.

Unbiased intelligence you can trust

Unbiased intelligence you can trust

Our intelligence is based on the most diverse and widest range of sources. It is free of bias and can be trusted to make assessments and decisions that are best for your organization. Other providers may be influenced by the parent company or rely on a single source of intelligence. Recorded Future remains an independent intelligence company and our ability to deliver trusted intelligence remains intact.

Delivering intelligence to organizations around the world

With more than 1,700 clients across 75 countries, including the governments of 30 countries, over 50% of the Fortune 100 and 40% of the Forbes Global 100, Recorded Future is the world’s largest intelligence company.

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