Intelligence News and Research Wherever You Need It

Adversaries truly never sleep and often look to exploit times when your security team might not be fully staffed or during off-hours. That is why you need to be able to access the intelligence provided by Recorded Future whenever and wherever you need it. With mobile access to intelligence from Recorded Future and the trusted global reporting of Recorded Future News, you can evaluate and escalate alerts based on vital research, without the need to access a computer. The Recorded Future mobile app provides immediate access to critical intelligence and breaking cybersecurity news, conveniently from your mobile device(s).

Recorded Future Mobile App

Intelligence On the Go

Alerts In Real Time

Review priority alerts for your organization as soon as they are created and take action or assign them to your team members for follow-up/remediation.

Stay Up-to-date On Cybersecurity Trends

Access cyber news, intelligence such as malware trends, as well as Insikt Group research so you can share with others on the team or conduct your own analysis with the information provided.

Access For All of Your Intelligence Needs

Look-up and filter events and entities via Intelligence Cards™ and gain immediate insights on threat actor profiles, associated risk scores, TTP’s, IP address information, hashes, CVE’s, domains, known vulnerabilities, and more.

News when you need it

From the latest coverage on The Record, to deep-dive investigations in the Click Here podcast, mobile users can now read, bookmark and share all the latest news and reports from Recorded Future News directly within the app. Navigate the fast-changing worlds of cybersecurity and intelligence by enabling push notifications and never miss a headline.