Identify and monitor geopolitical risk to ensure business continuity

Understand dynamic global events and their impact on your business continuity.

Identify and monitor geopolitical risk to ensure business continuity

93% of security leaders think that geopolitical instability will lead to a catastrophic cyber event in the next 2 years. Recorded Future’s Geopolitical Intelligence empowers your security team to identify, investigate, and prioritize global events to mitigate business disruptions.
Track Geopolitical Risk

Identify global impacts to your business operations

Identify Global Geopolitical Risks, and the Impact on Your Business Operations

It is difficult to make effective operational decisions without understanding the full scope of the risk and its impact. We empower your security teams with real-time alerting and insights into geopolitical events allowing you to address the risks immediately.

Investigate threats to your business faster

Showcasing the Ukraine & Russia Conflict with Geopolitical Intelligence

Your employees and facilities are essential and critical to your business and customers. Provide your security team with an easy way to investigate global events that may affect your people, customers, infrastructure, or vendors.

Converge physical and cyber events for effective response

Prioritize Geopolitical Risks Easily with Recorded Future's Geopolitical Risk Scoring

Provide alert modeling to notify your teams of threatening events of interest and refine trends across physical and cyber environments. Develop controls paired with our proprietary Country Risk Scoring to determine the priority to take action and build future business resiliency.

Key capabilities
Key capabilities
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Curated locational and geopolitical intelligence
  • Facility and country risk
  • Custom geofencing and alerting
  • Optical character recognition
  • Integrations and API endpoints

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