Powerful External Intelligence

Recorded Future MSSP Program
An increasing volume of alerts due to the expanded attack surface and more advanced threat actors is a recipe for alert fatigue and analyst burnout. The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform puts the power of external intelligence into the hands of security teams so that it is consumable and actionable, providing immediate value for teams by minimizing the need for manual and time-consuming research and enabling teams to respond to threats faster and more confidently.
Bring the Power of External Intelligence to Your Offering


Service providers face unique challenges when it comes to delivering value to their customers. Not only do service providers need to support a wide variety of use cases for their different customers, but also they need to achieve efficiency and scale to realize returns.

Recorded Future is one of the few security solutions that can help service providers save time, increase ROI of existing solutions, and introduce new revenue opportunities. Without utilizing intelligence in their security offerings, service providers are at a competitive disadvantage.


Recorded Future is the world’s largest intelligence company. Our offering supports the widest breadth of use cases, helping service providers deliver value to clients with a high operational efficiency and the ability to support clients as they start to explore threat intelligence use cases. Our threat intelligence is the only real-time intelligence available on the market today and can help service providers make better decisions faster about potential threats.

Key Benefits

Increase Operational Efficiency
  • IOC Enrichment
  • Proactive Alerting
  • Real-Time Risk Score
  • Rich Context
Increase Operational Efficiency
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