Tracking the world’s threats

The Intelligence Graph
The Recorded Future Intelligence Graph has been collecting, structuring, and analyzing threat data from every corner of the internet for over a decade, turning large sums of data into actionable insights. It collects and structures adversary and victim data from text, imagery, and technical sources, and uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and map associations across billions of entities in real-time.
Intelligence Graph

Connecting billions of entities in real-time

The Intelligence Graph automatically collects data across adversaries, their infrastructure, and the organizations they target. Data is dynamically linked and analyzed in real-time – 24x7x365.

Unmatched in scale, relevance, and speed

The most complete coverage

The Intelligence Graph continually tracks more than 300 state actors, 3 million criminal forum handles, and 10,000 active C2s; billions of domains, 275 million IPs, and 98,000 ASNs; and monitors more than 300,000 mapped organizations, 200,000 vulnerabilities, 3.6 billion leaked credentials, and 25,000 C2 victims. Using natural language processing, it instantly classifies billions of entities in 13 languages. This enables us to map relevant relationships between entities automatically — before translating them for the end user.

Surfacing the most relevant threats

Data is categorized and correlated, automatically connecting the dots in a massive data set to tell a real time, end-to-end story of an attack, including the victim, the attacker, and the infrastructure used to carry out the attack. Suspected nodes trigger a verification process to surface the threats that matter.

Intelligence that’s accessible and actionable

The Intelligence Graph powers nine intelligence modules — each tailored to maximize efficiencies across teams, processes, workflows, and existing security investments. With modules focused on specific use cases, you have access to the right intelligence at the right time, empowering you to reduce the risks that are most relevant to your organization.

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