Prevent misuse and protect compromised credentials and identities

Secure the identities of your employees and customers in real time.

Prevent misuse and protect compromised credentials and identities

63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default, or stolen passwords. Does your organization have confidence in the authenticity of employee and customer identities? Recorded Future's Identity Intelligence helps you proactively prevent account takeovers by detecting and mitigating identity threats faster, with deep context and simplified, integrated workflows.
Protect Identities in Real Time

Detect compromised employee credentials to mitigate account take over

Example: Compromised Employee Credentials

Bad actors are continuously attempting to compromise employee credentials to access critical information and data. We collect and analyze exposed credentials in real-time to help your teams proactively identify threats and mitigate attacks to your organization.

Identify compromised customer identities to mitigate account-takeover fraud

Compromised Credentials Statistics

Customers expect you to protect their identities and detect actions from attackers. We allow you to monitor, manage, and take real-time action to prevent fraud and protect customer identities with deep context and out-of-the-box workflows for your existing security tools.

Perform remediation with trusted data and integrations

Compromised Credential Data Example

Our integrations with leading IAM and SOAR solutions provide real-time context on identity compromises and help organizations initiate quick responses. This includes password resets, MFA enforcements, denial of access among others to mitigate threats to your identities.

Key capabilities
Key capabilities
  • Infostealer malware insights
  • Search for compromised identities
  • Identity threat dashboards
  • Compromised trends and timelines
  • Real-time alerting and notification
  • Integrations and API endpoints

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