Reseller Partner Program

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Reseller Partner Program

Value Added Resellers:

Recorded Future works with value-added resellers (VARs) to help organizations significantly lower the risk of cyberattacks. Our deal registration program is designed to protect your investment in developing new business. Once Recorded Future approves a new opportunity, we will work exclusively with you to develop that opportunity and reward you with additional margins.

Whether your customer is a threat intelligence analyst, member of a SOC, IR, vulnerability management team, or a CISO, Recorded Future Reseller Program VARs can recommend the right solution.

The ideal Recorded Future VAR has a strong security background and can offer their own services on top of our products. With a dedicated partner team, we offer hands-on support and training throughout your partnership — from sales and technical training to certifications, marketing support, and more, enabling you to successfully position and sell Recorded Future.

Recorded Future Partnership Benefits

Deal Registration
  • Health Margins
  • Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Deal Protection
Deal Registration
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