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Web Intelligence


Recorded Future’s patented software helps businesses anticipate risks and capitalize on opportunities using open source information.

Web Intelligence Software

Faster Assessment

Visualization tools and data export capabilities save you time and increase workflow collaboration and efficiency.

Better Awareness

Carefully built to provide you with real-time, mission-critical information at the click of a button.

Smarter Analysis

Tailored alerts and threat signals. You can instantly answer questions like: What cyber operations are upcoming?

What We Offer

Recorded Future helps organizations rapidly understand threat activity related to their industry and peers.


Our Enterprise platform helps organizations understand what events have been reported on the web, and organizes the data for analysis.


We offer four web intelligence applications for cyber intelligence and corporate security, each one beautifully crafted with technical excellence.


Our team of open source intelligence experts come from a broad range of intelligence backgrounds. We’ll help you optimize our products.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Improve your cyber threat assessment and response with Recorded Future Cyber.

Information security threats are a critical concern for businesses and government agencies. The risks are many: reputational damage, financial loss, operational disruption, IP exfiltration, and more.

With this tool, security teams can:

  • Observe unmatched open source threat intelligence.
  • Link attack patterns with technical indicators, IPs, and more.
  • Detect emerging threats and vulnerabilities in real-time.
Cyber Threat Intelligence Software

Temporal Analytics™ Engine

Innovation that gives you the advantage of time.

Recorded Future has a special focus on producing insights from human reporting on the web involving hundreds of thousands of open web sources. Our Temporal Analytics Engine analyzes human-authored text at a massive scale.

“There’s no greater source for creating competitive data advantages than the web. Web intelligence gives us a more timely, geographically specific, and contextually precise view than we’ve ever had before.”

Former Chief Data Scientist
United States Cyber Command


Web intelligence is an emerging capability that draws on the web: the richest real-time information about the world, updated every day.

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