Securing our world with intelligence

As threats accelerate and converge in the world around us, Recorded Future empowers countries and organizations with the right intelligence at the right time, to keep our people and infrastructure safe.

Tracking the world’s threats for over a decade

By collecting, structuring, and analyzing threat data from all over the internet for the last decade, we have created an Intelligence Graph of the world’s threats. Unmatched in scale, our Intelligence Graph uniquely enables Recorded Future to turn large sums of data into actionable insights, and deliver the most complete, accurate, and timely intelligence available.

Insikt Group

Groundbreaking research on cyber and geopolitical threats

War in Ukraine: Implications for the Black Sea Report
Vulnerability Spotlight: Dirty Pipe Report
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Overview of the 9 Distinct Data Wipers Used in the Ukraine War Report
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2021 Adversary Infrastructure Report
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Ghostwriter in the Shell: Expanding on Mandiant’s Attribution of UNC1151 to Belarus
2021 Malware and TTP Threat Landscape
HermeticWiper and PartyTicket Targeting Computers in Ukraine

The most complete coverage across adversaries, their infrastructure, and targets

A single intelligence platform for the enterprise

Address more security and business challenges with a single platform to assess and mitigate risk

Built for action

Purpose-built for user and technology workflows, with the broadest set of integrations, including every major SIEM and SOAR provider

Real-time context

Data is dynamically linked and updated as changes occur, with direct source evidence to justify decision-making

How Recorded Future helps you mitigate risk


Ransomware methods continue to evolve and multiply, with tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) changing constantly. Recorded Future proactively keeps tabs on these trends, providing intelligence to help you proactively detect, hunt, and monitor ransomware attacks.


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