Identify and respond to third-party threats

Get real-time visibility into the risk posture of third parties to protect your business value chain.

Identify and respond to third-party threats

66% of organizations are not confident their vendors would notify them of a data breach. Recorded Future's Third-Party Intelligence provides your security and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) teams relevant information on your vendors and partners, allowing your teams to quickly identify threats to your business continuity, assess security controls, and report on aggregate risk.
React to Third-Party Risks

Identify real-time threats to your third parties

Allow your security and GRC teams to leverage Recorded Future intelligence to continuously monitor for threats across vendors and suppliers including breaches, ransomware extortion, malicious communication with threat actors, and the dark web so you can take appropriate actions and mitigate risks.

Assess new vendors faster and more comprehensively

Enhance your security and GRC teams' understanding of the security posture of new third parties, empowering you to make informed decisions with critical insights into security incidents, vulnerable infrastructure, and security hygiene practices.

Streamlined 4th Party Identification Enhances Threat Analysis

Automatically identify 4th Parties, enabling analysis for emerging threats across the third party portfolio. Significant reduction in manual research time is achieved through the vulnerability exposure reporting capability, allowing analysts to automatically assess if a third party is exposed to critical vulnerabilities, thereby minimizing the need for time-consuming vendor communications.

Report on risks to your stakeholders

Empower your teams with comprehensive risk profiling and reporting capabilities, incorporating risk scores for over 5 million companies. This streamlines report generation, allowing more time for proactive risk management. Additionally, the platform enables quick assessment of vendors' vulnerability exposure and provides valuable insights into ransomware trends.

Key capabilities

Key capabilities

  • Curated intelligence of companies and products
  • Risk scoring of custom third parties
  • Cyber threat assessment
  • Ransomware dashboard
  • Real-time alerting and notification
  • Integrations and API endpoints

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Monitor and report on your third-party vendor and supplier risk with Recorded Future!