How Predict 2020 Disrupted the Status Quo

Posted: 9th October 2020
How Predict 2020 Disrupted the Status Quo

While Predict 2020 looked a bit different this year, the world’s largest security intelligence event was one for the books!

Over the span of four days, top cybersecurity visionaries from around the world joined forces to deliver more than 30 hours of thought leadership, education, networking opportunities, and even some fun surprises. The ninth annual Recorded Future event brought together a virtual crowd of more than 6,000 customers, partners, and other members of the security community who are interested in using elite intelligence to disrupt the status quo.

Access the on-demand video sessions from the conference on the Recorded Future Predict 2020 video channel now! It’s perfect for if you were unable to attend Predict 2020 live, or if you missed a few sessions — or for anyone who just wants to dig deeper into a topic.

Here’s a look back at some highlights and memorable moments from the event:

Day 1: Spotlight on Brand Protection and Threat Intelligence

Recorded Future CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Christopher Ahlberg kicked off Predict 2020 with a keynote on the power of elite security intelligence to disrupt adversaries and stop some of the world’s most nefarious plots. He described how security intelligence is empowering the most influential businesses and governments on the planet to make faster, better-informed decisions to protect their organizations.

Based on his extensive military experience, Dr. Chase Cunningham, VP and principal security and risk analyst at Forrester, explored how adversaries launch, control, and orchestrate attacks with great precision, typically from “outside the wire,” or beyond secured operations. He urged participants to explore zero-trust concepts to proactively protect your brand.

Expert presenters Robert A. Moody, threat intelligence officer at Telefonica Germany, and Bence Horvath, director of technology consulting at Ernst & Young, outlined how to leverage threat intelligence to build a master matrix. Their approach is intended to enable teams to communicate risk to executive leadership and make tactical decisions on investment priorities, resource allocation, and more.

Recorded Future product experts demonstrated how our new Brand Intelligence and Threat Intelligence Modules empower organizations to detect emerging threats to their industry and peers, and proactively defend against risks threatening their infrastructure.

Day 2: Spotlight on SecOps and Response

Automation was the name of the game during Predict day two. To gain a decision advantage, intelligence needs to deliver everything you need, without any of the noise, while also automating tasks to keep you and your team focused on what matters.

In a joint keynote by Recorded Future’s leadership, attendees discovered how six new security intelligence solutions leverage the world’s most advanced security intelligence platform to deliver precision intelligence into existing workflows. They also explored how the Security Intelligence Graph empowers organizations to solve real-world challenges.

Attendees saw the Recorded Future SecOps Intelligence Module in action, integrated with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR to enable automatic detection and response to malware, C&C, and phishing threats in their environment with elite security intelligence. Three back-to-back expert sessions followed, highlighting different ways to harness intelligence to automate and accelerate key security processes — from SOC activity, to incident response.

A wildly popular special presentation by John Grim of Verizon dug into the telecom giant’s data-driven Cyber-Espionage Report that brings threat actors out of the shadows and into the digital crosshairs.

Day 3: Spotlight on Vulnerability Management and Third-Party Risk

Predict day three kicked off with an insightful fireside chat on the evolving role of the CISO and the surging cybersecurity skills shortage, featuring security leaders from Morgan Stanley, RSA, and Recorded Future. In today’s world of fast-moving threats, every decision advantage we have makes a difference, they emphasized.

Attendees learned how the Vulnerability Management and Third-Party Intelligence Modules from Recorded Future sharpen this decision advantage and reduce organizational risk. They also heard first hand how organizations like Land O’Lakes and Floor & Decor have successfully scaled their vulnerability and third-party risk management programs with security intelligence.

Closing out the day, ServiceNow users examined Recorded Future’s robust integrations and learned how to create powerful phishing playbooks to automatically triage attacks.

Day 4: Spotlight on Geopolitical Risk

Acclaimed New York Times national security correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner, David Sanger, took to the virtual stage to speak on the state of geopolitics, globalization, and cyberwarfare. Attendees received a free copy of his new book, "The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age,” and got a sneak peek at the upcoming HBO documentary he produced.

A hands-on product demonstration showed attendees how to profile physical risks with geopolitical intelligence. Then, Recorded Future COO Stu Solomon and David Allen, CISO for the State of Georgia, shared how this approach is used by government agencies to protect organizational assets around the globe.

An engaging expert session, “Manipulation Detection Using Social Features and How to Integrate it With Infrastructure Features,” led by MITRE’s Jennifer Mathieu delved into the spread of disinformation campaigns. Attendees then went to the dark side, exploring the effects of COVID-19 on the underground world of cartels, gangs, and militia groups.

Throughout the week, attendees joined live Q&A sessions with podcast host Dave Bittner and interactive demonstrations of Express, Recorded Future’s free browser extension that delivers elite security intelligence at zero cost.

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Whether you’re just getting started with a security intelligence program, or you’re maturing your program, Predict 2020 on-demand has something for everyone.

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