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Recorded Future’s Insikt Group produces research that creates action to disrupt adversaries. We write on a range of cyber and geopolitical topics, including state-sponsored threat groups; financially-motivated threat actors on the darknet and criminal underground; newly emerging malware and attacker infrastructure; strategic geopolitics; and influence operations.

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Technical Analysis

Through processes such as the dissection of malware or post-exploitation frameworks, Recorded Future’s Insikt Group curates technical profiles of these TTPs to determine the signatures that threat actors leave behind and detection and mitigation strategies.

Technical Analysis

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Insikt Group®

Insikt Group is Recorded Future’s threat research division, comprising analysts and security researchers with deep government, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agency experience.

Analysts on Demand

For organizations just getting started with threat intelligence or sophisticated teams requiring supplementary intelligence products, Recorded Future offers customized research and reporting by our experts.

Emerging Threats

Stay ahead of the latest threats to your organization with daily intelligence on new TTPs, threat actors, and IOCs.

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