Geopolitical Intelligence From Recorded Future

Precision Geopolitical Intelligence

Geopolitical intelligence from Recorded Future empowers security teams and all-source analysts to defend against and respond to attacks on physical assets anywhere in the world. Accelerate your critical decision-making with contextual OSINT data on geopolitical threats and trends to understand shifting dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to your organization.

Geopolitical Intelligence Includes

  • Location-based monitoring
  • Real-time geopolitical event monitoring
  • Location-based Intelligence CardsTM and risk scoring
  • Human-curated analysis of geopolitical events and patterns

Manage Location-Based Threats

Continuously monitor for the geopolitical risks that matter most — from threats in specific regions to mentions tied to dangerous events. Centralize your search, alerting, and visualization to detect threats fast with real-time, location-based OSINT intelligence that is dynamically linked, categorized, and updated in every language from social media, the dark web, and more.

insight into threat actor motivations and methods

Security Intelligence to Disrupt Adversaries

Combine precision security intelligence solutions from Recorded Future to amplify risk reduction across your entire organization.

Approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Recorded Future is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Continuous Diagnostics and
Mitigation (CDM) Approved Product.

Recorded Future: Aligned With U.S. National Intelligence Strategy

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