The Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform

The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform

The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform produces accurate and actionable intelligence at scale, delivered in real time. It combines automated analytics with human expertise to unite an unrivaled variety of open source, dark web, technical sources, and original research. By dynamically categorizing, linking, and analyzing intelligence in real time, the platform delivers easy-to-consume insights for proactive and persistent risk mitigation, via role-based modules that are tailored to your needs.

The World’s Most Advanced Intelligence Platform

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Data Sources

The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform scours an unrivaled quantity and variety of open, dark web, and technical sources in real time.



Recorded Future Intelligence Graph

Our proprietary Intelligence Graph discovers, categorizes, connects, and fuses billions of entities in real time. By combining machine analytics with human expertise, it produces trusted, actionable intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale.

Interaction Points

The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform is purpose-built to streamline your workflows by delivering the right intelligence, at the right time, right where you need it. These interaction points instantly make intelligence available at your fingertips:

  • Web portal
  • APIs and integrations with existing security tools
  • Browser extension
  • Mobile app
  • Finished intelligence reports


Intelligence Tailored to Your Needs

Intelligence Tailored to Your Needs

We cut through the noise and deliver the intelligence that matters most, so you can act fast to mitigate risk. Our modular approach maximizes efficiencies across your teams, processes, workflows, and existing security investments.

Community Intelligence Trends

Recorded Future uses anonymized user data in order to improve our platform, data and solutions. Anonymized usage data, such as which Intelligence Cards are most viewed or which domains are most searched, is analyzed and shared with our user community in the form of Community Intelligence Trends, found in the Risk Rules section on select Intelligence Cards. User privacy is respected at all times.

The Community Intelligence Trends provide valuable insight into analyst interest while prioritizing anonymity and privacy. For more information, please see our FAQ and Privacy Policy.

Community Intelligence


Brand Intelligence Module

Brand intelligence makes it easy to discover and take down typosquat domains and find leaked credentials, bank identification numbers, fake social media accounts, code leaks, talk of your brand on dark web markets, and more.

SecOps Intelligence Module

SecOps intelligence enables security operations and incident response teams to make fast, confident decisions based on internal alerts that are automatically enriched and correlated with context from external indicators — in real time, at scale across vast amounts of data, and without any manual research.



Threat Intelligence Module

Threat intelligence provides context on who is attacking you, their motivations and capabilities, and the indicators of compromise to look for in your systems — all while eliminating manual research.

Vulnerability Intelligence Module

Vulnerability intelligence scores a vulnerability’s risk based on real-time exploitation evidence, empowering security and IT teams with the context they need to prioritize patches quickly and confidently — while reducing downtime and preventing attacks.



Third-Party Intelligence Module

Third-Party intelligence empowers your teams to understand, analyze, and take action against potential risks by monitoring vendors and partners for key indicators including data leakage, incident reports, domain abuse, email security, vulnerable infrastructure, web application security, dark web attention, and more.

Geopolitical Intelligence Module

Geopolitical intelligence accelerates critical decision-making with contextual OSINT data on geopolitical threats and trends — empowering you to protect your assets and understand shifting dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to your organization.


Identity Intelligence

Identity Intelligence

Identity intelligence enables security and IT teams to identify compromises in real-time, for both personnel and third-party identities, and respond confidently — without any manual research — offering an unmatched source of truth for identity authenticity.

Fraud Intelligence Module

Fraud Intelligence from Gemini Advisory, a Recorded Future company, enables fraud teams to identify at-risk portfolios, uncover digital skimming infections, and prevent fraud before it occurs with, enriched and normalized fraud intelligence from dark web sources.



Client Success

Recorded Future is committed to providing accelerated and ongoing value to our clients. Our teams deliver product onboarding and support, certified training, and technical assistance for configuring integrations into your existing security systems.

Measurable Results

Recorded Future delivers meaningful results for our clients. Whether it’s improving efficiency for research and triage, slashing time to threat detection, or improving your organization’s bottom line, we are dedicated to saving our clients time and money — in addition to measurably reducing risk.

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