Recorded Future’s Insights About Opportunistic Threat Actors Capitalizing on COVID-19
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Insights on Threat Actors Taking Advantage of COVID-19

Recorded Future has observed several instances of threat actors capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out opportunistic cyberattacks. Stay ahead of these threats with research Recorded Future has compiled based on intelligence gathered from the broadest range of open, closed, and technical sources.

Capitalizing on Coronavirus Panic, Threat Actors Target Victims Worldwide

The emergence of COVID-19 has initiated new cybersecurity threats. In this report, Recorded Future analyzes how threat actors are using the global disruptions to further their cyber threat activities.

Chinese State Media Seeks to Influence International Perceptions of COVID-19 Pandemic

Research from Recorded Future’s Insikt Group has identified two distinct phases of overt Chinese messaging that represent attempts to influence Western public perceptions of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

Security Intelligence From Recorded Future

Cyber threats come in many forms — threat actors operating on the open and dark web, partners and other third parties, brand attacks, and even internal threats. Amplify your risk-reduction efforts by integrating real-time security intelligence directly into your existing security technologies and processes.

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