Recorded Future Predict 21: The Intelligence Summit
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Act with Confidence in an Uncertain World

In today’s uncertain world, where every connection and access point is an opportunity for adversaries, intelligence is the only equalizer, providing the visibility to make faster, smarter, more confident decisions.

Join us for Predict 21, where intelligence analysts, network defenders and cybersecurity leaders come together to discuss the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, and the role of intelligence in enabling a proactive and persistent security posture. With more sessions, more speakers, and more opportunities to learn than ever before, we’ll explore intelligence-led security and the increasingly blurred lines between physical and digital worlds.

It’s time to think differently about cybersecurity. It’s time to act with confidence in an uncertain world.


Featured Speakers

Christopher Ahlberg
Christopher Ahlberg

CEO, Recorded Future

Niloofar Razi Howe
Niloofar Razi Howe

Former Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategy and Operations, RSA

Sir Alex Younger
Sir Alex Younger

Former Chief (“C”) of the Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6

Frank Abagnale
Frank Abagnale

Renowned cybersecurity and fraud prevention expert, bestselling author and subject of Catch Me If You Can

Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson

Corporate Vice President of SCI Business Development at Microsoft

Lauren Zabierek
Lauren Zabierek

Executive Director of the Cyber Project, Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center

Geoff Brown
Geoff Brown

Chief Information Security Officer, City of New York, Head of New York City Cyber Command

Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee

Chief Information Security Officer, City of Los Angeles

Rinki Sethi
Rinki Sethi

Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Twitter

Andy Bonillo
Andy Bonillo

Global Head of Threat Management & Incident Response, Tik Tok

Yolonda Smith
Yolonda Smith

Senior Director, Head of Cybersecurity, Sweetgreen

Jenny Brinkley
Jenny Brinkley

Director, AWS Security

Craig Adams
Craig Adams

Chief of Product & Engineering, Recorded Future

Staffan Truvé
Staffan Truvé

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Allan Liska
Allan Liska

Senior Security Architect and Ransomware Specialist, Recorded Future

Stuart Solomon
Stuart Solomon

President, Recorded Future


11:10 – 11:35 AM ET Acting with Confidence in an Uncertain World
Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Recorded Future
11:35 – 12:05 PM ET Spies, Espionage & Intrigue: A Chat with the Former “C” of MI6
Sir Alex Younger, Former Chief of MI6 (“C”)
Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Recorded Future
12:00 – 12:45 PM ET Protecting Our Major Cities
Niloofar Razi Howe, Investor & Entrepreneur
Timothy Lee, CISO, Los Angeles
Geoff Brown, CISO, New York City
12:00 – 12:45 PM ET Securing Our World with Intelligence: The Future of Cybersecurity
Ann Johnson, Corporate VP for Security, Identity, and Compliance, Microsoft
Levi Gundert, SVP of Global Intelligence & Customer Success, Recorded Future
1:15 – 1:30 PM ET BREAK

Breakout Tracks

Intelligence in Action: Product Updates and Use Cases Experts’ Corner: Best Practices & Case Studies Adversary Trends: Disrupt & Defend Boardroom Discussions: Intelligence as a Strategic Advantage
1:30 – 2:00 PM ET Explore the Power of Threat Intelligence in Azure Sentinel with Recorded Future Integrations
Adrian Porcescu, Recorded Future
Rijuta Kapoor, Azure Sentinel, Microsoft
Operationalizing MITRE ATT&CK from Threats to Controls
Mike Price, Nationwide
How to Pick a Winner: Analyzing New Criminal Malware
John TerBush, Recorded Future
Parker Crucq, Recorded Future
Consolidation of Companies through Intelligence
Catalin Curelaru, Visma
2:00 – 2:30 PM ET Ransomware Victim Mapping with Recorded Future Intelligence & Esri Maps
Chris McIntosh, Bent Ear Solutions
Chris Kash, Recorded Future
CSAE Data Scientific Investigations: A Comprehensive Data Science Framework for Cyber Crime Investigations and Cyber Threat Intelligence Operations
Dr. Erik Van de Sandt, Dutch Nation High Tech Crime Unit
John Fokker, McAfee
Challenges in Collecting Ransomware Data
Brett Callow, Emsisoft
Allan Liska, Recorded Future
Quantifying Cyber Resilience: A Threat Modeling Framework
Collin Barry, Expedia
2:30 – 3:00 PM ET How To Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
Trevor Lyness, Recorded Future
Table Topping with a Side of Awesome
Joseph Lykowski, Dow Inc.
Geopolitically Informed Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence
Craig Terron, Recorded Future
Data Privacy Exposure
John Grim, Verizon
3:00 – 3:30 PM ET Disrupting Adversary Behavior with MITRE ATT&CK and Splunk
John Stoner, Splunk
Scott Small, Recorded Future
Mike DiBella, Recorded Future
Actionable Threat Intelligence: Integrating Recorded Future with MISP
Martin Vézina, McGill
Axel Schulz, CanSSOC
Katie Chrisman, Recorded Future
Chinese Espionage 2020/2021
Insikt Group
The Evolving Role of the CISO: Perspectives from 7 CISOs
Gavin Reid, Recorded Future
Rinki Sethi, Twitter
Michael Hanley, GitHub
Maarten Van Horenbeeck, Zendesk
Shawn Valle, Former CISO at Rapid7
Anthony Griego, CISCO
Andrew Hay, LARES
11:10 – 12:00 AM ET Using Intelligence to Inform Organizational Risk Decisions
Stuart Solomon, President, Recorded Future
12:00 – 12:40 PM ET The Future of Intelligence: Recorded Future Product & Technology Roadmap
Staffan Truvé, Co-Founder and CTO, Recorded Future
Craig Adams, Chief of Product & Engineering
12:40 – 1:20 PM ET Cybercrime, Identity Theft, and Scams
Frank Abagnale, Cybersecurity & Fraud Prevention Expert, Bestselling Author of “Catch Me If You Can”
1:20 – 1:30 PM ET BREAK

Breakout Tracks

Intelligence in Action: Product Updates and Use Cases Experts’ Corner: Best Practices & Case Studies Adversary Trends: Disrupt & Defend Boardroom Discussions: Intelligence as a Strategic Advantage
1:30 – 2:00 PM ET The Future of Identity: Driven by Intelligence
Stephen Aldous, Recorded Future
Ellen Wilson, Recorded Future
Tradecraft Tips for Unusual Recorded Future Uses
Anastasios Pingos,
TTP Intelligence: Trends & Operational Guidance
Scott Small, Recorded Future
Control What You Can
Stuart Solomon, Recorded Future
Lou Fiorello, ServiceNow
2:00 – 2:30 PM ET Threat Tracking & Threat Discovery
Greg Lesnewich, Recorded Future
Got Intel?: Intelligence Driven Purple Team Validation
Robert Moody, The Home Depot
Robin Williams, The Home Depot
Seeing is believing: How Deepfakes are Changing the Fraud Landscape
Ilya Volovik, Gemini Advisory Inc.
Kyle Hettinger, Recorded Future
2:30 – 3:00 PM ET Demystifying the Dark Web for Third Party Intelligence
Sarah Sabotka, Experian
Charity Wright, Recorded Future
How a Small Company Uses Recorded Future to Augment a Small but Mighty Team
Judy Mayoral, Hughes Federal Credit Union
Detecting Cobalt Strike Across the Enterprise
Lindsay Kaye, Connor McLaughlin, Patrick Barry, Justin Grosfelt, John TerBush
Recorded Future
Diversity in Cybersecurity: Less Talk, More Action
Lauren Zabierek, Harvard Belfer Center
Stephanie Copley, Morgan Stanley
Yolonda Smith, Sweetgreen
Jenny Brinkley, Amazon Web Services
3:00 – 3:30 PM ET Proactive Fraud Prevention with Dark Web Fraud Intelligence
Jeff Dant, TikTok
Andrei Barysevich, Gemini Advisory Inc.
TTPs, Tools, Pivoting, and Living off the Land
Jeff Barto, Hedgefund

Please check back soon and often for updates to our agenda and speaker list.


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  • What is the focus of the Predict event?
    Predict is Recorded Future’s annual flagship event that brings together the global Recorded Future community — clients, partners, employees — along with industry experts and cybersecurity professionals to discuss the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, and the role of intelligence in enabling a proactive and persistent security posture to defend against adversarial activity. Like many events, Predict originated as a user conference (under the name RFUN) and has grown to become the largest cybersecurity industry event focused on intelligence for enterprise security. In 2021, Predict will be conducted as a virtual event.
  • Who should attend Predict 21?
    Predict is for cybersecurity leaders, network defenders, intelligence analysts, and anyone looking to better understand the risk factors impacting our world today, and how intelligence plays a role in defending people and organizations. For executives looking to bolster the security posture of their organizations, Predict will have sessions dedicated to applying intelligence as a strategic advantage.
  • How do I register for Predict 21?
    Registration is easy. Just complete the brief registration form on this web page. Once you fill out the form, you will receive more information, including detailed descriptions of each breakout session, and instructions for how to join the virtual event on October 12-13.
  • Is there a cost to attend Predict 21?
    There is no cost to attend the virtual summit — all you have to do is register.
  • Can I invite my colleagues and friends to attend?
    Yes, your colleagues and friends are welcome to attend.
  • What are the dates and times of Predict 21?
    Predict 21 will take place on Tuesday October 12th and Wednesday October 13th from 11 AM – 3 PM ET. | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM CST. Times are subject to change as we finalize sessions and speakers. We will publish a detailed agenda as the event date approaches.
  • If I can’t attend a session, can I watch the session recordings afterward?
    Yes! While we hope you will join us live, all sessions will be recorded. Those who register will have on-demand access to the recordings following the conclusion of the event on October 13th.
  • Where can I find the lineup of keynote and breakout session speakers?
    Our web page will be updated as more information becomes available. Check back soon and often for speaker and session announcements!
  • Can I earn professional credits (CPE’s) for attending Predict 21?
    Yes! On request, we will provide attendees with a certificate of attendance.
  • I have specific questions that are not addressed here. Who can help me?
    Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions you have, and we will respond promptly.