Vulnerability Intelligence From Recorded Future

Precision Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerability intelligence from Recorded Future scores vulnerability risk based on real-time exploitation trends. This empowers security and IT teams with the context they need to quickly and confidently prioritize patching, address the vulnerabilities that actually matter, reduce downtime, and prevent attacks.

Vulnerability Intelligence Includes

  • Vulnerability prioritization
  • Monitoring for vulnerabilities in your tech stack
  • Vulnerability risk scores based on exploitation
  • Real-time alerting before vulnerability publication in the NVD
  • Integrations with vulnerability management solutions

Prioritize Patches

Immediately identify which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your organization based on their actual exploitability. Automated collection and analysis of data from the broadest range and widest variety of sources across every language enables teams to make rapid, informed patch prioritization decisions.

Prioritize Patches

Monitor Your Tech Stack for Vulnerabilities

Identify new exploits in real time — approximately 11 days before they are catalogued in the NVD. Immediate alerts on the latest relevant vulnerabilities provide instant clarity about newly disclosed weaknesses in your organization’s technologies.

attackers and methods

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Out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to insert Recorded Future’s unprecedented security intelligence directly into your existing vulnerability management systems and workflows.


ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

Threat-Based Vulnerability Patching Prioritization in ServiceNow



Learn more about the Brinqa Recorded Future integration.



Integrate elite vulnerability intelligence directly into Splunk

Security Intelligence to Disrupt Adversaries

Combine precision security intelligence solutions from Recorded Future to amplify risk reduction across your entire organization.

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