Elite Security Intelligence That Moves at the Speed of Business

Posted: 1st September 2020

All security and IT teams are tasked with keeping up with the speed of their business while managing risks — without interrupting workflows or revenue. How organizations go about this depends on their priorities, maturity, and understanding of their unique threat landscape.

As that landscape continues to evolve, security strategies must keep pace. Staying a step ahead of threat actors requires a holistic understanding of the internal security environment and its relation to external threats, trends, and even geopolitical events. With the right intelligence delivered at the right time, right where they need it, security and IT teams are empowered to confidently and efficiently:

All security functions — from vulnerability management, to third-party risk management, to security and business leadership — benefit from placing elite security intelligence at the center of the team, workflows, and existing security investments. Intelligence-driven, automated threat prioritization, monitoring, and blocking allow security teams to focus efforts on optimizing all security activities to proactively disrupt adversaries and measurably reduce risk to their organization.

New Security Intelligence Solutions

To support our clients in developing intelligence-driven, proactive security strategies, we recently introduced six new modules, each tailored to specific use cases and providing actionable, precision intelligence to streamline workflows.

All of these modules are powered by the Recorded Future Security Intelligence Graph to deliver unprecedented intelligence in real time. By combining analytics with human expertise, the Security Intelligence Graph unites an unrivaled quantity and variety of open web, dark web, and technical sources with original research to produce superior security intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale.

By dynamically categorizing, linking, and analyzing intelligence in every language in real time, the Security Intelligence Graph delivers easy-to-consume insights and analysis wherever they need it most — including via rapid integration with existing security solutions. This approach empowers security teams to collaborate in ways that have never been possible before.

Relevant insights, updated in real time, empower security and IT teams to disrupt adversaries and prevent damage to their organization. By centralizing and continuously updating intelligence in real time, Recorded Future enables all security and IT functions to identify relevant threats and respond confidently with precision intelligence modules that are tailored to your needs.

Situation-Specific Intelligence Modules for Precision Risk Reduction

Recorded Future now delivers elite security intelligence via six distinct modules. Each module is tailored to maximize efficiencies across your teams, processes, workflows, and existing security tech stack.

  • Brand Intelligence: With real-time alerting, find leaked credentials, typosquat domains, social media accounts meant to impersonate an employee or brand, fake applications, threats to executives, and more. Takedown services go the last mile to simplify and expedite the removal of malicious content from the internet.
  • SecOps Intelligence: Discover previously unidentified threats and triage internal alerts in your SIEM and SOAR solutions based on rich external context and threat indicators correlated with internal threat data — empowering you to make faster, more confident decisions.
  • Threat Intelligence: Gain context on who is attacking you, their motivations and capabilities, and which indicators of compromise to hunt for in your systems. This information is searchable in real time and presented in a single-pane-of-glass view and via customized alerts.
  • Vulnerability Intelligence: Real-time risk scores based on real-life exploitability make it easy to prioritize where you need to focus efforts and what you must patch to prevent attacks. Alerts about the vulnerabilities affecting your tech stack provide new insights for effective risk reduction.
  • Third-Party Intelligence: Make informed decisions to reduce your overall risk based on real-time insights about the vendors and partner companies that form your business ecosystem — including vulnerable technologies, domain abuse, threats targeting the organization, and more.
  • Geopolitical Intelligence: Protect your assets and understand shifting geopolitical dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to your organization with contextual data on threats, trends, sentiments, and evolving security situations.

Security intelligence modules accelerate detection, decision-making, and response times by positioning precision intelligence at the center of every security workflow. To see the Recorded Future platform in action, join our live webinar “Security Intelligence: Precision Solutions for Every Security Challenge” at 11:00 AM ET on Friday, September 11.