Get Insight Into The Risks Posed by Third Parties

In today’s interconnected business world, you’re only as secure as your weakest link — and it’s estimated that more than half of all organizations have suffered data breaches through vulnerable third parties. Insights from real-time intelligence on the companies that form your ecosystem will arm you to make informed decisions to reduce your overall risk.

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Third-Party Risk

Let Intelligence Reveal a More Complete View of Risks

To stay ahead of emerging threats, contextualized intelligence highlights when third parties are vulnerable or actively under attack. Recorded Future brings together intelligence on risks to infrastructure as well as references to cyberattacks or from dark web sources for a more complete view of risk.

Third-Party Risk

Respond Confidently by Understanding the Factors That Contribute to Risk

Recorded Future Intelligence Cards consolidate all available indications of risk into a single clickable view, which includes a real-time company risk score. With transparent access to the evidence behind scores and real-time alerting capabilities, organizations can respond quickly to changes in the risk status of their third parties.

Third-Party Risk

Monitor for Third-Party Risks in Real Time

Monitoring for indications of risk from third parties manually is labor intensive. Recorded Future collects and analyzes data from the widest breadth of sources in real time, alerting you to changes that keep intelligence informative and relevant.

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