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Security Intelligence for Brand Protection

Your brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Recorded Future empowers you to protect your brand with real-time alerts based on aggregated data from domain registration sites, social media profiles, web pages containing malicious content, and other sources. Security intelligence makes it easy to find and take down typosquat domains, leaked credentials, bank identification numbers, fake social media accounts, code leaks, talk of your brand on dark web markets, and more.

Security Intelligence for Brand Protection

Detect and Eliminate Typosquatting

With robust pattern search and DNS name permutation detection capabilities, Recorded Future monitors for typosquat domains that can be used in phishing campaigns. When a fraudulent or malicious domain threatens your brand, you receive alerts in real time and get the help you need to take it down.

Brand Monitoring

Detect Data Leaks

Broad sourcing and natural language processing capabilities are at the heart of security intelligence, so you can instantly detect leaked company data and credentials across paste sites and the dark web — including criminal forums that sell stolen information. If your company’s information is leaked, Recorded Future delivers comprehensive, real-time alerts that provide the context you need to take action.

Typosquat Domains

Take Down Brand Attacks

Recorded Future provides services to take down malicious content or fraudulent sites. Use our takedown services to remove a malicious domain or web page impersonating your brand, someone abusing your brand on social media, or a fraudulent mobile app mimicking one of your apps.



“Since we have Recorded Future services, our visibility for deep web sites threats has increased a hundred percent. It gives us the visibility to have all the emerging threats under our scope since the very beginning. This helps our SOC to anticipate next trending threats. Recorded Future also help us to protect our brand and users.”

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Reduce Risk Exponentially With Security Intelligence

Combine security intelligence solutions from Recorded Future to amplify risk reduction across your organization and move toward an intelligence-led security strategy.

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