Vulnerability Prioritization Led by Intelligence

Identifying and patching vulnerabilities is a key component of any information security strategy. But with so many new vulnerabilities uncovered each day and your resources to remediate them stretched thin, identifying the ones that matter to your business couldn’t be more important.

Vulnerability Management

Quickly Add Context to Disclosed Vulnerabilities

Official vulnerability databases often lag behind not just vendor announcements, but also exploit chatter and proof-of-concept malware on the dark web. Intelligence from these harder-to-reach sources enables you to more rapidly identify emerging threats.

Vulnerability Management

Identify Exploits in Real Time

Vulnerabilities put your business at risk of attack. Combining real-time alerting with the development of proof-of-concept code or exploits being added to widely used kits enables you to make faster, more informed security decisions.

Vulnerability Management

Integrate Instantly With the Security Tools You Use

Threat intelligence from Recorded Future is machine readable and can be seamlessly ingested into the software you already use in your vulnerability management. Integrating means you can correlate scans of systems inside your network with Recorded Future’s contextualized threat intelligence for a clearer view of actual risk.

Vulnerability Management

Better Prioritize Remediation With External Intelligence

Once you have visibility of specific indicators that point to a CVE being exploited, you can take a much more strategic approach to prioritizing, measuring, and balancing the risk from vulnerabilities.