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Security Intelligence for SecOps and Response

Security operations and incident response analysts need to efficiently identify relevant, previously unknown threats and respond quickly. Security intelligence enables these teams to make faster, more confident decisions based on external threat indicators automatically correlated with internal threat data — in real time, at scale across vast amounts of data, and without any manual research.


Triage Alerts Faster

When triaging alerts, analysts need to identify false positives as fast as possible so they can focus on actual risks. With Recorded Future’s out-of-the-box SIEM and SOAR integrations and real-time, evidence-based Risk Scores, analysts can prioritize alerts, quickly discount false positives, identify the most significant threats, and enable immediate action.

Detect Threats With Context

Security practitioners deal with countless alerts every day—but when the data lacks context or timeliness, they are left with more alerts than answers. Recorded Future’s machine-scale collection and analysis provides Risk Lists for IPs, domains, hashes, and malware with critical context that enables threat detection, response automation, and ultimately risk reduction.


Block Indicators Confidently

Recorded Future’s Security Control Feeds deliver high fidelity indicators and valuable context to enable automated actions and proactive threat prevention. Armed with proprietary, evidence-based findings, organizations can automatically block high-risk indicators at firewall, email security, and endpoint solutions without additional enrichment.


Out-of-the-box integrations with leading systems allow you to seamlessly access Recorded Future threat intelligence right from your existing workflows.



Enrich alerts seamlessly with the Recorded Future Splunk integration.


ServiceNow Security Incident Response

Rapid Context for Faster Incident Response in ServiceNow


IBM QRadar

Integrate Recorded Future into QRadar to enrich indicators fast.


IBM Resilient

Enrich incident artifacts automatically with Recorded Future.


Splunk Phantom

Learn more about pre-built playbooks with Splunk Phantom.


Cortex XSOAR (formerly Demisto)

Automate enrichment in Cortex XSOAR (formerly Demisto) with Recorded Future.


“We are finding out about incidents faster, and we are able to respond and remediate even if those incidents are not on our networks and are out in the wild.”

Recorded Future Customer interviewed for IDC Report

market research

market research

“Recorded Future gives us decision-making awareness. It enables SOC (security operations center) managers, or risk managers, to be proactive by aligning threat assessment and analysis, and partner integration capability so they can make those timely proactive, or sometimes reactive, decisions.”

Rob Gresham, Security Operations Practice Lead

Foundstone – a product agnostic team of security consulting experts within McAfee




“We find things a lot faster than we would if the process was manual. Just in finding and analysis, Recorded Future cuts the workload by around 400–500 percent.”




Reduce Risk Exponentially With Security Intelligence

Combine security intelligence solutions from Recorded Future to amplify risk reduction across your organization and move toward an intelligence-led security strategy.

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