Defend Your Physical Assets With Geopolitical Intelligence

Posted: 24th September 2020

Physical security teams and all-source analysts must continuously monitor for and report on new geopolitical event findings in real-time to effectively protect their organizations and assets. They need to respond swiftly to threats, but organizations are still susceptible to being blindsided at the most inopportune times because intelligence often lags.

Relying on disparate data sources and manual processes means insights are often incomplete or outdated. Most analysts spend too much time manually collecting, analyzing, and visualizing a vast amount of intelligence — not to mention translating information from news sources in these regions’ local languages. To prevent and respond to geopolitical threats, teams need a more efficient and collaborative way to report on relevant insights that drive faster response times and informed decision-making.

Geopolitical Intelligence in Action

To effectively monitor geopolitical risks, open source and all-source analysts need geopolitical intelligence in every language. Recorded Future’s Geopolitical Intelligence Module accelerates critical decision-making with contextual OSINT data on geopolitical threats and trends — empowering analysts to understand shifting dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to your organization.

Recorded Future fuses an unrivaled range and variety of open source, dark web, technical sources, and original research. This eliminates manual research and surfaces intelligence in real time, providing a comprehensive view of your physical threat landscape — anywhere in the world. By combining analytics with world-class human expertise, Recorded Future produces elite security intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale.

The Geopolitical Intelligence Module empowers organizations to work more efficiently, share intelligence with key stakeholders instantly, and respond immediately to geopolitical risks. Location-based watch lists and real-time risk scores with visibility into the reasoning behind each score enable rapid analysis of current risks. Meanwhile, centralized search, alerting, and visualization capabilities surface relevant intelligence for fast threat detection and robust reporting.

Bridging the Cyber and Physical Threat Landscapes

While geopolitical intelligence is especially valuable to physical security teams and public sector all-source or open-source analysts, it is also extremely useful to analysts focused on traditional threat intelligence research. Topics discussed on social media, blogs, and dark web forums inevitably impact the physical world, and have serious implications for organizations and their employees. The same is true the other way around: geopolitical events often influence the actions of threat actors.

A perfect example of this is captured in Recorded Future’s recent reporting of threat actors capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic: “Capitalizing on Coronavirus Panic, Threat Actors Target Victims Worldwide.” In this report, Recorded Future investigates how threat actors used the global disruptions caused by COVID-19 to further their cyber threat activities.

For a complete understanding of the threats impacting their organizations, all analysts must consider how geopolitical events — such as a global pandemic, terrorist attack, or natural disaster — will impact their organization, supply chain, and industry. With the world’s most advanced security intelligence platform, Recorded Future enables analysts to easily investigate both cyber and physical threats to their organization.

Utilizing our Security Intelligence Graph, Recorded Future organizes data and information on both cyber and geopolitical events. By dynamically categorizing, linking, and analyzing intelligence across every language in real time, the Security Intelligence Graph delivers easy-to-consume, tailored insights that empower security teams to collaborate on analysis, identify relevant threats, and take immediate action.

To effectively identify and respond to threats on physical assets, analysts need timely, relevant insights. The Recorded Future Geopolitical Intelligence Module enables analysts to easily monitor relevant geographic areas for maximum risk reduction.

To see geopolitical intelligence in action right now, view our on-demand webinar, “Reducing Risk With Geopolitical Intelligence.”