How Our Partnership With ServiceNow Makes Vulnerabilities Manageable

Posted: 1st April 2020
How Our Partnership With ServiceNow Makes Vulnerabilities Manageable

When it comes to vulnerability management, security teams have been struggling for years to effectively prioritize fixes, workflows, and timely patching. As the attack landscape grows, these struggles become even more pronounced.

A recent ESG survey found that 43% of organizations believe prioritizing remediation is their biggest hurdle. In addition to that, 42% indicate that patching critical vulnerabilities in a time-sensitive manner is what keeps them up the most at night. Meanwhile, 40% of respondents said their biggest challenge is simply treading water as they try to keep up with the sheer volume of potential vulnerabilities.

One thing is abundantly clear: There are way more vulnerabilities out there than most security teams can patch. It’s nearly impossible to prioritize which ones to patch first without access to all of the facts. The question becomes, if you can’t get to everything, how do you go about choosing what to respond to first, and what to de-prioritize or discount?

Recorded Future’s vulnerability response integration with ServiceNow helps security and IT operations teams tackle these long-standing challenges head on. The integration empowers ServiceNow users with security intelligence to solve their vulnerability challenges through a unique fusion of machine learning, expert human analysis, and automation.

In the short video below, our partners from ServiceNow explain how you can harness real-time, contextual intelligence from Recorded Future directly in ServiceNow. Gain the insights you need to prioritize vulnerabilities that can be exploited, continuously monitor your tech stack to surface the greatest threats for fast response, improve overall team efficiency, and minimize expensive off-cycle patches.

The ServiceNow Vulnerability Response integration is just one of the Recorded Future integrations available to ServiceNow customers right now. Check out our ServiceNow integrations for security incident response and third-party risk management in the ServiceNow App Store, as well.