Integration Spotlight: ServiceNow  Vulnerability Response

Integration Spotlight: ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

Threat-Based Vulnerability Patching Prioritization in ServiceNow

Product Overview

By harnessing Recorded Future’s rich intelligence in ServiceNow, teams can improve efficiency, prioritize vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat, and minimize expensive off-cycle patches.

Recorded Future delivers intelligence to arm security and IT teams using ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response application with real-time information to simplify their workflows, respond faster, and confidently prioritize risks.

Overcome Challenges Through Integration

Thousands of new vulnerabilities are disclosed each year. This volume makes it impossible for companies to patch everything. IT Operations teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the number of vulnerabilities prioritized through traditional asset criticality and severity inputs. However, unpatched vulnerabilities leave openings for attackers to strike, so Security Operations and IT Operations teams need external threat context to prioritize based on the likelihood of vulnerability exploitation, not just the severity.

Integration Description

Recorded Future scores vulnerabilities based on exploitability using real-time data. This gives you the context you need to prioritize patching and prevent attacks. Recorded Future’s machine learning automatically detects reporting of new observables: vulnerabilities, exploits, indicators of compromise (IOCs), exposed company assets, and threat actors targeting organizations and industries.

By capturing and structuring billions of indexed facts from the widest breadth of open, technical, and dark web sources, and across all languages, Security Operations and IT Operations managers can utilize Recorded Future’s Vulnerability Risk Score as an input into a single prioritization metric that takes the vulnerability threat environment into account.

This allows analysts to easily identify the riskiest vulnerabilities in their environment, simplify their workflows, and maximize the ROI of their existing cybersecurity solutions — all while accessing a holistic view of their threat landscape.

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