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ServiceNow  Vulnerability Response

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

Prioritize patching with threat-based context with Recorded Future for ServiceNow

Thousands of new vulnerabilities are disclosed each year. This volume makes it impossible for companies to patch everything. IT Operations teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the number of vulnerabilities prioritized through traditional asset criticality and severity inputs. However, unpatched vulnerabilities leave openings for attackers to strike, so Security Operations and IT Operations teams need external threat context to prioritize based on the likelihood of vulnerability exploitation, not just the severity.

Recorded Future delivers intelligence to arm security and IT teams using ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response application with real-time information to simplify their workflows, respond faster, and confidently prioritize risks.

Identify the vulnerabilities that matter most
Gain context needed to confidently identify and prioritize the riskiest vulnerabilities.

Monitor for vulnerabilities in your tech stack
Generate real-time alerts on new exploits and vulnerabilities relevant to your infrastructure so you can take swift action to mitigate risk

Justify patching decisions with evidence
Transparent evidence sourcing allows you to confidently legitimize patching decisions and minimize expensive off-cycle patches.