The Intelligence Formula for Brand Protection

Posted: 23rd May 2022
By: Ellen Wilson
intelligence formula for brand protection

Threats are continuous. The cyber landscape keeps expanding. And more and more adversaries are utilizing underground services and tools to target organizations. Data and information on these dynamic threats are everywhere and it’s easy to find, collect, and aggregate. The hard part is turning data into something that’s useful, trusted, and actionable.

As an organization’s attack surface grows and adversaries attempt to exploit every possible weakness, security teams are often overwhelmed, struggling to manage seemingly endless security alerts. Analysts should be spending their valuable time addressing priority risks and not searching for information on the open and dark web, only to find incomplete pieces of what they need — ultimately resulting in missed threats and slower responses.

The need to automate intelligence is critical given the amount of information being made available, the speed at which analysts must address threats, and the shortage of cybersecurity professionals on staff to reduce the risk to their organization and brand. This isn’t a new problem, but it is one that organizations are still struggling with. According to The State of Security 2022 report, 29% of organizations are facing both skilled labor recruitment and retention issues, up from last year.

Analysts can always get their hands on more data but they need help spending less time collecting and processing data and more time identifying and responding to threats, conducting analysis, and sharing their findings internally and externally. However, to provide even more context as to what is happening with a cyber incident, human review and analysis is also critical to understanding the nuances of a specific threat.

Supercharge Your Brand Protection with Human + Machine Analysis

At Recorded Future we understand how important the machine and human aspects are to having high-performing security teams. Because of this our platform pairs together machine and automation capabilities with our human expertise — our expert research team, Insikt Group, and our robust offering of Managed Services — to provide real-time context and correlation of threats.

Using this approach, our clients have been able to automate manual tasks that take up most of their time and gain unprecedented insights and support from our experts. This allows them to be more proactive, strategic, and effective in carrying out their security strategy to uncover and respond to threats and reduce risk. Additionally, the machine augmentation of human analysis has helped our clients limit analytical bias amongst analyst teams, making their analysis far more effective.

For example, with Recorded Future Managed Services, organizations can ensure everything that makes up their brand - products, employees, executives and customers - are safe from external threat actors looking to steal or tarnish the organization’s digital footprint.

As an extension of your team, Recorded Future experts partner closely to foster trust and transparency, and help grow and mature each organization’s security program, starting first by helping security teams answer, What are the outcomes that I want to see from my brand protection program? Our team of skilled and experienced analysts will then work alongside analysts to help manage, monitor, triage, and respond to threats, including domain abuse, logo abuse, leaked data and credentials, or dark web mentions.

Based on years of experience, perception, and awareness that no machine could provide on its own, Recorded Future supercharges brand protection programs with the human-generated insights needed to understand the criticality and urgency of an incident. Combined with machine-generated linkages between disparate data points that humans may traditionally overlook, teams are empowered to take action earlier in the attack lifecycle to protect their organization and brand.

To learn more about how our Managed Brand Services can assist your security team in staying one step ahead of adversaries, watch this on-demand video by Brad Mecha, Global Director of Managed Intelligence Services at Recorded Future.