World-class intelligence services

As the attack surface grows and dangerous adversaries try to exploit every possible weakness, cybersecurity teams find themselves strapped for time and resources. Extend and enhance your team with our world-class threat analysts. Our Managed Services team understands that keeping your business running smoothly is critical to your success. We are here to become an extension of your team to help grow and mature your security program with various service levels for organizations of all sizes and maturity.

World-Class Intelligence Services

Managed intelligence and response for your security teams

Protect your brand

Ensure everything that makes up your brand; your products, employees, executives, and customers are safe from external threat actors who are looking to steal or tarnish your digital footprint. Managed Brand Intelligence develops detection scenarios to help your team break through the noise and proactively monitors all areas of the dark web to protect against typosquats, domain abuse, and more; while providing takedown services to eliminate any uncovered threats.

Detect more threats

Our team of world-class threat analysts expand your coverage, enabling you to stay one step ahead of adversaries. Managed Threat Intelligence provides prioritized intelligence curated by our analysts on threat monitoring and validation, threat research, and dark web investigations to help your security team take action and mitigate threats before damage can be done.

Prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter

Security teams need external context to empower them to prioritize vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of exploitation, not just the severity. With Managed Vulnerability Intelligence, our experts enhance your vulnerability management program by applying unmatched intelligence to deliver a daily curated list of the most critical vulnerabilities specific to your organization, with added context around the threat they pose, and recommended steps for protecting your business.

Our Managed Services team is ready to assist

By enhancing your security team with our dedicated team of security experts and analysts, you will be able to manage increased workloads and alert volumes. Our team of experts is ready to assist with the various types of monitoring required to help protect your organization. We are available 24x7x365 to help monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate the threats that your security team is facing.

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