What Brand Intelligence Means for Your Organization

Posted: 6th October 2020

Protecting your brand doesn’t stop at securing your network or systems. Digital risk to your brand stretches to the far corners of the internet, where threat actors, hacktivists, disgruntled employees, and other attackers use organizations’ own brand names against them — tarnishing their hard-earned reputations and causing irreparable harm to the business.

Types of Brand Attacks

Brand threats negatively influence customers and create financial risk for your organization. Threat actors carry out brand attacks in a number of ways, including:

  • Creating fake websites or typosquat domains, and social media accounts used to impersonate the organization or its employees for fraud and phishing attacks
  • Posting malicious content and false information about your organization and products on websites and social media platforms
  • Counterfeiting products and software and selling them in digital marketplaces and app stores
  • Accessing your customers’ names and data
  • Selling or leaking your organization’s financial account data and employee’s personal information or credentials
  • Posting proprietary software code on paste and bin sites
  • Mentioning your organization and announcing intentions to attack it on underground and dark web forums

To protect your brand, your reputation, your employees, and your customers, you need to effectively detect and disrupt these adversaries. You need a solution that not only continuously identifies where your organization’s name, associated products, executive names, and keywords exist across the internet, but also makes it easy to take down these mentions — fast.

The Solution Is Elite Brand Intelligence

Brand intelligence from Recorded Future empowers you to defend your organization against the most common brand attacks. Leverage the world’s most advanced security intelligence platform to interact with superior brand intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale.

Definition of Brand Intelligence

So, what is brand intelligence?

Definition: Brand intelligence is precision security intelligence that makes it easy to discover and take down typosquat domains and find leaked credentials, bank identification numbers, fake social media accounts, code leaks, talk of your brand on dark web markets, and more.

Through automation, analytics, and human expertise, brand intelligence from Recorded Future enables you to detect, score, and prioritize events related to brand risk. Then, takedown services go the last mile to simplify and expedite the removal of malicious domains, brand mentions and data leaks from the internet.

Brand intelligence from Recorded Future empowers you to detect threats and take immediate action, making it easy to protect your brand by against:

  • Domain abuse
  • Data and credential leaks
  • Infrastructure risk
  • Brand mentions and indicators of impending attacks
  • Threats facing your industry

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