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Identify and Profile Threats From Dark Web Sources

Sites on the dark web are marketplaces for emerging cyber threats. These are rich sources of intelligence, often relevant to a broad spectrum of potential targets. Recorded Future’s machine learning and natural language processing instantly creates links from sites on the dark web to other threat sources, enabling you to more quickly identify, profile, and mitigate risks to your organization.

Relevant Intelligence in Real Time

To make the best use of dark web intelligence, you want to be alerted only when new and relevant information emerges and be able to quickly determine what requires further investigation or escalation. Recorded Future enables you to automate the identification of proprietary data or lost credentials on dark marketplaces as well as mentions of your company, brands, or infrastructure. You can also uncover new and emerging exploits and malcode tools relevant to your technology stack being developed and traded in dark web locations.

relevant intelligence in real time

Cut Through the Exploit Chatter Noise

Newly identified vulnerabilities or exploits represent significant opportunities for threat actors, and these attack methods are discussed, developed, and sold in dark web forums and underground marketplaces. Recorded Future automates identification of exploit chatter for unknown vulnerabilities, helping you identify information uniquely relevant to your business and better prioritize remediation efforts based on evidence of increased adversary intent or their capabilities.

cut through the exploit chatter noise

Expand Your Visibility of the Dark Web

Having the time and resources to collect, analyze, and combine intelligence from the dark web manually is next to impossible, so Recorded Future continuously adds new, high-value dark web sources for you. We’ve collected content from hundreds of relevant Tor sites, IRC channels, forums, and paste sites. In addition to adding new sources, our technology tracks criminal communities as they change their IP and domain infrastructure.

expand your visibility of the dark web

Translate the Language of Cyber Threats

Many dark web communities conduct operations exclusively in local languages. Recorded Future uses natural language processing to instantly collect, translate, and structure information from these sources in real time, making relevant intelligence instantly available to accelerate and simplify analysis.

translate the language of cyber threats

10 Things About the Dark Web You Probably Didn’t Know

Mention the dark web and many people summon imagery of a massive, mysterious online criminal underground, where all manner of products and information are bought, sold, and traded, hidden away from the prying eyes of the public and law enforcement. But is that really what it’s like, or is that just cybersecurity marketing hype? In this easily digestible e-book, we’ll analyze 10 facts about the dark web you might not have known.