Identify and Profile Threats From Dark Web Sources

Dark web sites are the meeting and market places for emerging cyber threats. These are rich sources of intelligence, often relevant to a broad spectrum of potential targets that aren’t accessible through conventional monitoring.

Dark Web Monitoring

Connect the Dots of Dark Web Activity With Machine Learning

Discussions and postings in dark web locations may not have value on their own. Recorded Future’s machine learning and natural language processing instantly creates links to other threat sources, enabling you to track indicators of compromise from threat feeds or associate threat actors with social media posts and information from other open sources.

Dark Web Monitoring

Uncover Intelligence on Breaches and Emerging Threats

Newly identified vulnerabilities or exploits represent significant opportunities for threat actors, and these attack methods are discussed, developed, and sold in dark web forums. Underground marketplaces are also places to buy and sell hacked credentials or recruit corporate insiders. You can tune Recorded Future to identify information uniquely relevant to your business that arms you to act.

Dark Web Monitoring

Track Moving Targets in Every Language

Manually accessing and monitoring dark web sources for relevant information is time consuming and inefficient. Recorded Future’s AI automatically logs in to these sites and continuously collects and processes data. We also use natural language processing to instantly translate and structure information in languages you may not understand.