Analyst On Demand

Whether you are looking for threat intelligence to assess your business and security risk or require supplementary intelligence to conduct deep investigations, Recorded Future has you covered with our Analyst On Demand service. Our team of seasoned intelligence analysts from both the public and private sector is available to conduct custom research and reporting. Our practice includes world-class threat intelligence, network and social media analysis, malware reversing and hunting, and more, delivered in a format and cadence that works for your business and security needs.

Analyst on Demand

The Insikt Group

Insikt Group analysts are seasoned experts in a broad array of cyber and geopolitical disciplines, as well as masters of the craft of intelligence. Each report created is scoped to fully understand client requirements. Data is collected and processed using a variety of sources, including the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud, then put through rigorous analysis and review before being delivered to the client in a timely manner.

Customized intelligence

Clients can task our experts with deep dives on threat topics or assessments of their choosing. Is there a new threat actor of particular interest? Malware campaign targeting your industry? Need actionable hunting packages with SIGMA, YARA and SNORT detection rules? About to acquire a new company and want to ascertain potential threats? Is there a need to understand geopolitical trends or physical security risks? We're here to help whenever you need analysts to support an ongoing security need or even address urgent security research requirements.

Flexible options to suit your needs

Analyst On Demand coverage

Our customized intelligence reporting and tasking is tailored to your needs and delivered at a cadence suited to your business. Access subscription-based or recurring reports to stay on top of threats and trends to thwart adversaries.

  • Weekly Threat Landscape – covers threats to client, industry, and information security overall from the past week
  • Monthly Threat Landscape – Client, industry, and prominent threats along with an analysis of trending activity from the past month
  • Quarterly Threat Landscape – Customizable quarterly reviews of client, industry, and global cyber threats
  • Annual Reviews – Analysis of threats over the past year; can be tailored as either a short form executive report or long-form operational report
  • Vulnerability Trends – Review of vulnerabilities in the client’s tech stack or other software/hardware of interest
  • Industry Trends – Research into significant or trending cyber threats affecting a particular industry overall, or subset of an industry

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