How Unprecedented Intelligence Drives Stockholm Public Transportation’s Need for Speed

Posted: 28th October 2020
How Unprecedented Intelligence Drives Stockholm Public Transportation’s Need for Speed

Key Takeaways

Stockholm Public Transportation (or Storstockholms Lokaltrafik in their local Swedish), the organization responsible for running all land and sea-based public transport systems in Stockholm, Sweden, has adopted elite intelligence from Recorded Future to transform its vulnerability management approach and:

  • Protect critical transportation infrastructure and keep citizens safe
  • Close the vulnerability gap between detection and response
  • Prioritize patching and boost productivity and availability by minimizing off-cycle patching

Connecting and Protecting a Major City

As transportation systems become increasingly connected and digitized, cyber threats are rising in parallel. While threat actors’ motivations vary, experts agree that attacks on these critical infrastructure systems are particularly concerning because, in addition to data loss, breaches may result in large-scale disruption or even physical damage.

Serving more than 900,000 people each day, Stockholm Public Transportation works to ensure efficient travel across the densely populated county, while advancing public transportation safety. Citizens rely heavily on its interconnected transportation network of metros, buses, trains, local railways, and shuttle boats, so even minor disruptions can have major impacts on daily life.

A network of outsourced partners maintain the organization’s IT infrastructure, leaving Stockholm Public Transportation without full visibility into threats. After experiencing lag times between vulnerability detection, notification, and response, the Stockholm Public Transportation IT security team decided to put Recorded Future to the test.

Stockholm Public Transportation IT manager Niklas Perdhe recalls, “We had a serious need for speed.”

Elite Intelligence: Stockholm Public Transportation’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

Today, elite security intelligence from Recorded Future is the team’s not-so-secret weapon for disrupting adversaries and transforming vulnerability management workflows.

In this new case study, learn why Perdhe often says, “Recorded Future is like my bible!”

You’ll also explore how unprecedented security intelligence from Recorded Future empowers the major transportation organization to:

  • Continuously monitor its tech stack for vulnerabilities to eliminate the dangerous detection gap
  • Improve decision making and speed response time to protect critical transportation infrastructure and keep citizens safe
  • Realize operational efficiencies through higher staff productivity and minimized interruptions to operations and users
  • Communicate cyber risk in a clear, effective way to leadership and the board

Read the case study now to learn more about Stockholm Public Transportation’s security intelligence journey with Recorded Future, which is also maturing to include third-party intelligence.