Announcing the Recorded Future Special Intelligence Desk

Posted: 25th October 2013
Announcing the Recorded Future Special Intelligence Desk

We want to introduce the Recorded Future Special Intelligence Desk (RFSID). This is a new capability we are providing to our customers to help them take action based on web intelligence.

A massive shift in the information landscape is underway, with the amount of useful public web data (open source) skyrocketing and the costs of collecting this data falling.

This creates a new opportunity for business people with questions – immediately analyze significant amounts of information about a vast range of questions, instead of commissioning a custom research effort or buying a generic report off the shelf.

But turning raw web data into information and insights that address these questions isn’t trivial, which is where we come in.

Our web intelligence platform at Recorded Future addresses this by transforming millions of web documents a day into events that can be analyzed. Where are disease outbreaks occurring in my supply chain? Which of my competitors is expanding into Africa and where? Where are protests likely to affect my remote staff.

We’ve now put together a team that can help you interpret this content to address your key questions. With backgrounds in intelligence, military, crisis management and market intelligence, this team pulls together a diverse set of skills, specifically in the service of our products and data.

We’ve been generating analytic content along the lines that you can see on our blogs. Take a look at these examples:

Our current customers have already started to use this capability in a number of ways:

  • During initial system deployment to bring client teams up to speed on best practices in using web intelligence data for security and market intelligence
  • Supporting internal analysts during surges in analytic needs around cyber activities
  • Weekly support for customers who need supplemental analytic support on an ongoing basis

Depending on the client needs, the RFSID has been working at client sites and remotely to collaborate on research needs.

Talk to us about how we can help your organization use our web intelligence software to the fullest extent! Or check out our latest cyber threat intelligence analysis tools.