Recorded Future equips threat intelligence teams with an analytic platform and real-time data from the entire web.

The web is rich with signals of data breaches, information about newly vulnerable targets, and evidence of pre-planned attacks, but it’s nearly impossible to organize all of this threat intelligence with manual or ad-hoc systems. Recorded Future’s real-time threat intelligence product enables security teams to effectively collect, organize, and analyze this information quickly.


  • Spend less time on collection, and more time on analysis
  • Enrich proprietary threat intelligence data to see the complete global context
  • Rapidly create visually compelling reports with real insights


  • Streamline and maximize the investment in your analyst team
  • A scalable, repeatable process and platform for leveraging OSINT
  • Improve your situational awareness: put the web to work for you


  • Manage third-party information security risks at suppliers and partners
  • Apply industry trends to make better IT security decisions
  • Enable senior leadership with risk management for emerging issues


  • Exceed your client’s expectations for intelligence-driven security
  • Use data across all clients to make better business decisions
  • Manage multiple client analytic tasks on a unified platform

How do information security teams use Recorded Future?

Cyber Threat Intelligence Monitoring DashboardMONITORING AND ALERTING

Recorded Future continuously scans the web for shifting trends, new vulnerabilities, and emerging indicators. Alerts are triggered when set thresholds are crossed or your bespoke triggers activate.

Analysis Dashboard for Cyber Threat IntelligenceINVESTIGATE TTPS, ACTORS, TARGETS

Analyze actors, methods, and target relationships with interactive visualizations of events and entities from our web intelligence dataset.

Managing Third-Party RiskMANAGE THIRD-PARTY RISK

How do you continuously track risks posed by the third-parties that support your company? Recorded Future helps you detect leaked or breached data, looming threats, and potential vulnerabilities.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration MockupINTEGRATED SIEMS AND WORKFLOW

Correlate threat intelligence in SIEMs or Splunk. Take your Maltego analysis to the next level with Recorded Future transforms.

Why use Recorded Future?

Every day organizations are blindsided by cyber attacks. Most miss the leading indicators or can’t see why the event occurred.

Information security teams do their best, but it’s very difficult to understand actor/method/target relationships and trends, and it’s overwhelming to monitor the current situation at the same time. It’s even harder to forecast upcoming threats in time for action. Web intelligence solves these problems.


Unlike network analytics that rely solely on machine data, Recorded Future’s patented Web Intelligence Engine mines real-time threat intelligence from the entire web.

Recorded Future continuously surfaces trend signals and leading indicators by harvesting hundreds of thousands of web sources across multiple, crucial languages.


Recorded Future delivers threat insights produced by our real-time threat intelligence product.

Our cyber application allows analysts to easily maintain situational awareness, investigate vulnerabilities, research actor/method/target relationships, and update their threat forecast.

Recorded Future constantly harvests events reported on the web and structures them for threat intelligence analysis. Our unique system helps analysts identify signals and leading indicators, and alert users to potential risks on the horizon.