Threat Intelligence Services and Training

Maximize the investment you’re making in threat intelligence by working with Recorded Future’s experienced professional services teams. Committed to delivering accelerated and ongoing value, our teams deliver product onboarding and support, certified training, and technical integrations into your existing security systems.

Threat Intelligence Services and Training

Intelligence Services

From product onboarding to regular quarterly intelligence reviews, our team of intelligence and security experts will ensure you derive instant value from our platform. Designed to identify and meet your unique goals, our programs deliver the level of support and expertise you require.

Integration Services

Our technical teams enable integrating threat intelligence into any of your third-party security solutions using our RESTful API. Integrations include SIEM, endpoint, ticketing systems, SOAR, vulnerability management, and more. For fine-tuned alerting and unique use cases, fully customized workflows and data sets are available.

Integration Services


We deliver a range of training from self-service online support to instructor-led certifications. Here are a few of the options:

Online Resources


Includes a self-led program of videos and presentations to introduce you to our products and some of the key features. These resources are a perfect starting point for working with Recorded Future.

Classroom Courses


Get certified by Recorded Future’s intelligence experts at RFUN Local. You will learn about common frameworks for intelligence analysis, threat hunting, and more — right in your local area.

Certification Programs


Delivers a practical examination of your analysis skills in Recorded Future. Successful candidates will demonstrate clear and thorough knowledge of threat intelligence principles.


We offer tailored support options to best meet our clients’ unique needs. These programs empower Recorded Future clients to achieve immediate and on-going value from integrating our threat intelligence into their security programs.


Get Started

We arm more than 40,000 security professionals across 22 industries and six continents with threat intelligence to reduce their cyber risk. Get started with real-time intelligence today.


“The support we receive in terms of training but also development of the product to suit our needs is fantastic.”


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