Major Retailer Realized Significant Cost Savings by Automating Processes With Security Intelligence

Posted: 11th March 2020

Automating your processes with security intelligence — from collection and analysis to dynamic threat blocking — can help teams work smarter and faster, while staying ahead of fast-evolving threats.

We recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to illustrate these benefits in action. The report examines how one Recorded Future client — a major global clothing retailer — has automated many of its security processes with security intelligence to boost efficiency and the bottom-line. Here’s a look at just a couple of the ways this organization is automating security with intelligence.

Automated Intelligence Gathering and Reporting

External visibility on the threats and attacks that are targeting your organization and industry is absolutely critical for a strong cybersecurity program, but manually researching IOCs is incomplete, inconsistent, and requires significant manpower and resources. Recorded Future makes it possible to automatically analyze data across an incredibly broad range of sources — driving significant efficiencies across teams.

This has resulted in cost savings from enhanced efficiencies and avoided security expenditures for the retailer. For example, the senior manager of the cyber defense center notes, “I’d have to hire at least one security engineer if I didn’t have Recorded Future to work on intelligence gathering.”

Real-Time Automatic Alerts

Prior to leveraging real-time security intelligence from Recorded Future, the retail organization’s security team spent substantial time manually searching for threats across multiple sources. Today, using custom watch lists from Recorded Future, they can automatically monitor and get real-time alerts on groups of people, places, and organizations of interest — substantially freeing up time for higher-value work.

Says the organization’s senior manager of cyber defense center, “Scanning and detection [with Recorded Future] is automated, whereas otherwise our incident response or threat intelligence teams would be doing constant lookups and investigations across different sites or personas.”

Download the report to learn how automated security from Recorded Future helped this organization improve workflow efficiency by 50% — and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. To discover additional ways you can automate your security to proactively address the methods employed by today’s threat actors, check out this quick read.