Recorded Future and Okta: Reducing Risk From Identity Compromise

Posted: 16th September 2022
By: Ellen Wilson
Recorded Future and Okta: Reducing Risk From Identity Compromise

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions make accessing business-critical infrastructure and customer-facing applications more secure, but they are limited in ensuring identities haven’t been compromised. With user credentials and session cookies readily available on the dark web, it’s easy for cybercriminals to get their hands on the kind of corporate data that lets them bypass MFA.

It is essential to have an identity strategy that fuses identity intelligence with identity and access management. That’s why Recorded Future now integrates with the leading independent identity provider, Okta, to provide a solution that supercharges the Okta access management platform with Recorded Future Identity Intelligence to enable proactive responses to identity threats.

Intelligence for Identity and Access Management

As more and more organizations move toward increasingly complex and dynamic digital ecosystems, managing access gets increasingly tricky. Everyone in that ecosystem – employees, partners, and customers – becomes a target for threat actors. Meanwhile, an increasingly remote workforce expands remote and mobile access to corporate systems. The level of effort to protect all the devices that touch your network and secure the credentials continues to escalate.

Pairing intelligence with Identity Access Management (IAM) can help you overcome these difficulties – and save time. Integrating intelligence with Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows the IAM solution to continuously and automatically collect, monitor, and analyze large volumes of data. With this insight, it’s easy to quickly and efficiently respond to threats, whether they come from inside or outside the security perimeter.

Recorded Future for Okta

Integrating Recorded Future Identity Intelligence with Okta enables identity management and security teams to identify and respond to identity compromises – so you can eliminate threats faster. How?

Recorded Future Identity Intelligence automatically collects, analyzes, and produces intelligence based on a vast array of open source, dark web, and technical sources for threat intelligence – including unique sourcing from infostealer malware logs. Combine that with world-class threat research, and you get real-time intelligence at a massive scale, offering Okta customers a source of truth for identity authenticity.

For Okta customers, Recorded Future Identity Intelligence is available as a Workflows Connector, a no-code approach to automating identity processes at scale. It helps achieve the technical force needed to identify and remediate identity compromises before they become weaponized against the organization.

With this integration, customers can check if the user is still an employee, if they were using a recycled password, or if the password was recently reset. They can also manage customer identities, automating verification across a wide range of sources in real-time. With this level of transparency into identity risks – both past and present – identity and security teams can quickly and confidently analyze and remediate threats before they impact the business. With integrated response controls, teams can force a password reset or lock users out of privileged applications. Automated password audits help achieve National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) best practices by comparing current compromises to past identity resets and remediation efforts.

Recorded Future’s Okta integration cuts the amount of time it takes teams to detect, investigate, and respond to identity compromises – accelerating response and reducing risk for the business. To learn more about the importance of intelligence-driven identity management, register now for our live webinar with Okta on Thursday, October 20th at 11 AM EST: Intelligence-Driven IAM for Corporate Risk Reduction