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Identity Intelligence
Strong identity authentication is more important than ever as organizations face an unprecedented level of attacks targeting their dynamic and remote ecosystem of employees, partners, and customers. An intelligence-driven approach to identity protection disrupts adversaries before damage can be done and empowers teams to proactively prevent identity fraud.
Intelligence-Driven Account Takeover Prevention

A new approach to identity fraud protection

Identity Intelligence enables teams the ability to identify previously unknown identity compromises, for both employees and customers, and respond confidently — without any manual research. By automating the collection, analysis, and production of intelligence from a vast range of open source, dark web, and technical sources, Identity Intelligence offers an unmatched real-time source of truth for identity authenticity.

Source of truth for digital identity authenticity

Identity Home

Identity Intelligence surfaces critical identity compromised, related to employees and customers, backed by transparent evidence. The Identity Home visualizes exposures and enables clients to identify, analyze, prioritize, and respond to identity compromises faster, with additional insights into relevant domains, technologies, and infostealer malware.

Identity Home

Integrations for Automated Detection And Response of Identity Compromises

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