What Geopolitical Intelligence Means

Posted: 17th December 2020
What Geopolitical Intelligence Means

From temporary disruptions at a local facility, to millions of dollars in indirect costs, and even loss of life — the ripple effects of geopolitical or location-specific events are impacting private and public sector organizations in significant ways.

A recent EY study reveals 90% of executives from companies in the Americas say country-level and geopolitical risk have a high or very high impact, and 70% of global executives say their organization has an individual or function responsible for geopolitical risk management. However, security teams and all-source analysts are challenged to maintain a complete and up-to-date view of the threats targeting various locations around the world.

It takes an enormous effort to determine which specific websites, articles, videos, messages, and posts are relevant to a particular location and threat type. Plus, most of this content needs to be translated before it's able to be analyzed.

The Solution Is Elite Geopolitical Intelligence

Organizations that are serious about managing geopolitical risk must harness analytics, automation, and human expertise to more efficiently process and analyze information and accelerate risk reduction. Elite geopolitical intelligence from Recorded Future enables you to understand shifting dynamics in the geographic areas that matter to your organization.

Definition of Geopolitical Intelligence

So, what is geopolitical intelligence?

Definition: Geopolitical intelligence is precision security intelligence that empowers you to protect your physical assets by accelerating your critical decision-making with contextual OSINT data about location-based threats, trends, sentiments, and evolving security situations.

The ability to create location-based watch lists and access real-time risk scores enables rapid analysis of current risks. With security intelligence at your fingertips, you’ll easily access custom research reports summarizing risks in specific regions, tailored insights about the latest threats affecting those areas, and hunting packages that accelerate the research of incident response, threat hunting, and geopolitical risk teams.

Get the 'Security Intelligence Handbook'

Download the “Security Intelligence Handbook” to learn how geopolitical intelligence efficiently captures data and “chatter” from a broad variety of sources, filters it to deliver precision intelligence about what’s happening in locations of interest, and drives informed decision-making and immediate response to disrupt adversaries at scale.