New Enterprise Platform Gives Analysts More Power

Posted: 7th August 2013

We rolled out several new products this year. Have you heard about all of them?

As pioneers in web intelligence, we give our clients the most cutting-edge range of services available in the market.

Our customers are looking for complete vertical products, with integration from email alerts all the way to deep investigation. We've responded by integrating our products together on an Enterprise platform. Here’s the full family:

  • Recorded Future Cyber
  • Recorded Future Executive Protection (EP)
  • Recorded Future Stakeholders
  • Recorded Future Locations
  • Developer Edition (API)

This family of Enterprise products is designed for teams of analysts in large organizations focused on threat intelligence or competitive intelligence. Our upgraded platform provides more data than ever with over 450,000 real-time sources.

Each application is built to promote collaboration and workflow within your business. If you need extra support, our team of data scientists are ready to provide more expertise.

Tailored to your risk profile, our SaaS product deploys rapidly, with no hardware to provision or software to download.

After rollout, we work with you to emerge threat signals specific to your needs. Analysts can quickly answer questions like:

  • What's the current level of unrest in Turkey?
  • Which of my customers are facing problems?
  • What are my competitors planning to do over the next 60 days?
  • Which businesses in my industry recently experienced a cyber attack?

Your Next Step

Please review our products page to understand in detail how we can help your business make smarter decisions.

Afterward, contact our team and request a live demo of our web intelligence platform.

It’s an exciting time in the intelligence industry. Please join us and experience first hand the power of the web.