The Only Universal Threat Intelligence Solution

Recorded Future’s unique technology automatically serves up relevant insights in real time and at unparalleled scale. Our flexible software lets you put any type of threat intelligence where you need it — centralizing sources of threat data, enabling collaboration on analysis, and integrating with your security infrastructure.

Product benefits

Vast Collection

Access an unrivaled warehouse of threat intelligence. Recorded Future continuously processes billions of data points in multiple languages from technical, open, and closed (dark web) sources.

Instant Context

Keep a finger on the pulse of the cyber threat landscape. Get contextualized threat intelligence delivered in real time for more efficient evaluation of security events.

Faster Analysis

Spend less time collecting data and supercharge your security team’s capacity. Get mission-critical threat information instantly structured and presented.

Real-Time Monitoring

Drive faster and more accurate incident detection with custom alerts directly relevant to your threat surface, brand, and infrastructure.

Relevant Insights

Tune Recorded Future to your corporate profile and technology stack. This context will enable you to focus in on threats truly significant to your business.

Customized Intelligence

Centralize threat data from any source and collaborate on intelligence analysis. Share with other members of your team, and get insight from Recorded Future’s expert threat researchers.


Intelligence Cards

View and interact with structured and consumable real-time threat intelligence. There are Recorded Future Intelligence Cards for indicators like IP addresses, vulnerabilities, and malware to drive faster analysis and more confident decisions.

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Threat Views

Customize your view of the threat landscape to reveal emerging attackers, methods, and indicators. Tune your Threat Views to present trending intelligence relevant to your brand, technologies, and industry.

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Understand the risk from vulnerabilities relevant to your network.

See trending threats and attack methods relevant to your industry.

Get real-time intelligence on prevalent threat actor groups.

Zero in on trending attack methods and malware.


Threat Intelligence MachineTM

With billions of indexed facts, and more added every day, Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence MachineTM makes use of artificial intelligence, continuously analyzing threat data from a massive range of sources. We give you unmatched insight into emerging threats relevant to your organization.

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Integrate With Your Security Technology.

Our robust API makes it easy to combine Recorded Future’s machine-readable threat intelligence with your organization's existing security systems.

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Intelligence Services That Empower.

Recorded Future’s professional services teams partner with customers to maximize an organization’s value from our products. From supporting your use of our technology and integrating with your existing security systems, to the delivery of finished threat intelligence from our team of world-class analysts.

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