At Recorded Future, we hear growing excitement about Web intelligence: an emerging intelligence capability which draws on the flood of rich, real-time reporting being generated on the Web to reveal risk insights for businesses.

  • What is creating this buzz?
  • What do Web intelligence insights look like?
  • Where is this trend headed?

As futurists after William Gibson have said: the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed. In these interviews, Recorded Future showcases experts from industry, government, research, and the academy, who paint the outlines of Web intelligence today and look ahead to the horizon.


Anne Walton
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Analysts Compass, LLC

Interview: How Web Intelligence Adds Another Dimension to Analysis

“The Web adds another dimension to analysis and we need tools like Recorded Future to help us make sense and derive meaning from all that’s available.”


Kenneth Buckler
Cyber Security Consultant

Interview: How Web Intelligence Helps Cyber Security Professionals

“Through Web intelligence, cyber security professionals can stay up-to-date on emerging threats, and verify the proper defenses are in place before an incident occurs.”


Pat Ryan
Founder and President, Praescient Analytics

Interview: Web Intelligence Promotes Collaboration

“A joint reliance on Web intelligence can enable allies to more rapidly develop a common understanding of new threats, challenges, and opportunities as they emerge.”


Tony Frazier
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Insight, DigitalGlobe

Interview: The Secret to Rapidly Competing in Your Industry

“Web intelligence can help provide a record of human activity from content shared over the internet. Fusing physical and human geography can unlock tremendous insights that can save lives, resources, and time.”


The Jester
Hacktivist for Good

Interview: Tango Down: How The Jester Uses Web Intelligence

“My vision, for the future of Web intelligence stretches beyond the ‘visible’ Web and into what we call ‘dark IP space’ or darknets. I want there to be no safe haven for the the ‘bad guy’ to hide out on the Internet.”


Bob Gourley
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Crucial Point LLC

Interview: Can Web Intelligence Really Drive Better Business Decisions?

“The amount of data to analyze is absolutely incomprehensible by humans, and the need to correlate and compare and cross reference across data sets has become a challenge that only computers can handle.”


Chris Sailer
Senior Manager of Risk Management and Analysis, Gates Foundation

Interview: Is Web Intelligence the Great Equalizer?

“The Web is an unlimited archive of data that has not been thoroughly exploited by any given government, industry or discipline; it can answer questions that have not yet been asked.”


Hacker (Previous)
Advisor, UHNW Families and Government Agencies

Interview: Web Intelligence Forces Overlooked Observations to the Surface

“Aside from being able to assess the general ‘temperature’ of the geopolitics and markets, a comprehensive Web intelligence platform can offer deeper insight into: who the central ‘thought leaders’ are to watch in a network, and what the horizon entails.”


Bernard Liautaud
Partner, Balderton Capital
Founder, Business Objects (Acquired by SAP in 2008)
Supervisory Board Member, SAP

Interview: Web Intelligence Will Dwarf the Business Intelligence Industry as We’ve Known It

“Organizations which adopt Web intelligence first and master its power, will gain substantial competitive advantage over their competitors.”


Amit Meltzer
Senior Consultant, ClearSky Cyber Security

Interview: Web Intelligence Will Be Basic Business and Public Phenomena

“The rate of change in competition and technology and the meshed nature of the Web mandate a responsive management model, driven by online data.”


Oren Falkowitz
Chief Executive Officer, Area 1 Security
Chief Data Scientist, United States Cyber Command (Previous)
Various Positions, National Security Agency (Previous)

Interview: Will Web Intelligence End Data Poverty?

“There’s no greater source for creating competitive data advantages than the Web. Web intelligence gives us a more timely, geographically specific, and contextually precise view than we’ve ever had before.”


Tom Davenport
President’s Distinguished Professor, Babson College
Visiting Professor, Harvard Business School

Interview: Web Intelligence is Too Important to Leave to Chance

“Some of the most sophisticated private sector organizations I work with have decided Web intelligence is too important to leave to chance.”


John Sullivan
Global Director of Corporate Security, Dunkin’ Brands

Interview: Dissecting the Value of Web Intelligence

“Optimizing the take from Web intelligence can transform how the C-suite views their CSO. We can transcend the traditional guns, gates and guards role into a true purveyor of information to guide corporate strategies.”