Navigating the Future With Web Data: Christopher Ahlberg at TEDxCambridge 2014

Posted: 1st July 2014

Is it really possible to know the future? Recorded Future CEO Christopher Ahlberg says yes, if we organize the Web for analysis, rather than search. With those insights in hand, leaders can make remarkably better decisions — and know the future, now.

Christopher dove deeper during his presentation at the recent TEDxCambridge event. Watch the video below to learn:

  • Why large-scale uncertainty (surprise) is the enemy of insight for threat analysts.
  • How social media analytics can forecast large-scale social unrest and cyber attacks.
  • How Web intelligence empowers leaders to make smarter business decisions.

When you’re done watching, test out our Web intelligence platform to see real-time examples of how Recorded Future organizes open source information for analysis.

Ideas in Action

We recently co-hosted two webinars that demonstrate how Web intelligence can help with cyber security. We’ve summarized each event on our blog.

  1. Area 1 Security CEO Oren Falkowitz explained how web intelligence can reduce the delta time between intrusion and detection, or even enable prevention against advanced persistent threats (APT). (Full Summary)

  2. Chief Security Evangelist Stephen Coty showcased the four ways Alert Logic, a well-known managed security service provider (MSSP), leverages open source intelligence to improve the security of their clients. (Full Summary)

Updated August 2014