Recorded Future is creating an insightful world by harnessing the Web as an intelligence tool.


We constantly scan hundreds of thousands of Web sources, including news publications, high-caliber blogs, social media platforms, paste sites, government websites, forums, and much more.


From these sources, we identify text references to entities and events. Then we detect time periods: when the events are predicted or reported to occur. Each reference links back to the original source.


You can explore the past, present, and predicted future of almost anything in a matter of seconds. Our analysis tools facilitate deep investigation to better understand complex relationships, resulting in actionable insights for threat intelligence teams.

Patented Technology

Recorded Future is an all-in-one Web intelligence platform, from source collection and processing to analysis and reporting. This involves many technology building blocks and buzzwords: text search, data visualization, natural language processing, and entity extraction (to name a few).

At the core of this technology is our Web Intelligence Engine. This is the data-mining innovation that lets our products understand what event has been reported on the Web, and place it in time and space.

We currently have a number of built-in tools to analyze the online media data collected and organized by Recorded Future. From that base, we can reveal the links to other Web authors reporting the same event, and knit together all these perspectives into a complete Web intelligence view.

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