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Brand Intelligence from Recorded Future Provides Real-Time Cyber Risk Visibility and Remediation

Brand Intelligence from Recorded Future Provides Real-Time Cyber Risk Visibility and Remediation
Unparalleled Automation, Speed, and Scale To Defend Against Brand Cyber Attacks

BOSTON — February 2, 2021 — Recorded Future, the world’s largest provider of intelligence for enterprise security, today announced enhancements to its Brand Intelligence solution, adding game-changing functionality and prescriptive workflows around use cases such as logo abuse detection, messaging platform monitoring, and executive impersonation detection. Recorded Future Brand Intelligence equips organizations with the visibility required to proactively defend one of their most precious assets, their brand.

In today’s world of accelerating adversarial activity, phishing campaigns, impersonation, and fraudulent sites are all aimed at stealing sensitive information, posing direct risks to an organization’s brand, executives, products, domains, and customers. To defend against cyber threats, security teams must monitor and find malicious entities in real time to preempt and disrupt attacks before they begin or mitigate the impact.

“Brand trust is absolutely everything to us. We are not only a media organization, we are a financial services organization, and our technology helps to push forward the financial markets and gives financial professionals the data they need to make very informed decisions. So when you are at the cusp of one of the most important industries in the world, you have to be protected at all times and security is at the forefront of that.” – Deirdre Bigley, CMO, Bloomberg L.P.

Security teams can quickly identify fraudulent domains or stolen assets tied to malicious entities with Recorded Future’s Brand Intelligence. At the core of the solution is the Security Intelligence Graph, Recorded Future’s proprietary data collection engine, which automatically aggregates, correlates, and indexes data from an unrivaled set of open, dark web, and technical sources including domain registration data, messaging platforms, social media profiles, and web pages with malicious content. Real-time alerting provides context and automated analysis delivered through risk scores with ability to request a takedown or removal of the malicious domain directly from the Recorded Future platform.

Recorded Future Brand Intelligence provides real-time visibility into cyber attacks orchestrated and executed outside of an organization’s security perimeter, including:

  • Domain Abuse: Dynamic, real-time alerting of automated analysis that provides context about the severity of a typosquat or copycat, reducing investigation time and mean time to respond.
  • Data & Credential Leaks: Expansive data collection, including paste sites and fraud bazaars, to surface stolen data and intellectual property.
  • Brand Attack Mitigation: Automated detection of malicious brand mentions on open, dark web, and technical sources, including social media and open and closed channels on various messaging platforms.
  • Brand Impersonation: Alerting around when a brand image is detected and the monitoring of app stores against the Brand Names Watch List to detect fake mobile applications and login pages impersonating a brand to phish customer and employee data.
  • Executive Impersonation: Detection of fake executive profiles on professional and social networking sites.
  • Industry Threat Monitoring: Real-time security intelligence about trending threat actors and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) targeting your industry and peers.

“With Brand Intelligence, we’ve taken what Recorded Future does best – unparalleled automation of security intelligence – and made it applicable to the core of every business – protecting the brand. It’s not enough to know that there is a malicious brand impersonation attempt; a defender also needs to understand whether it’s being weaponized, and if so, what actions to take, and then report those alerts to relevant business areas. Recorded Future is the only platform to solve this in real time and at scale. Now, teams across the enterprise, from legal to marketing to security, can have real-time visibility into the risks threatening their brand.” – Craig Adams, Chief of Product & Engineering, Recorded Future

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