From Russia With Lulz

Posted: 5th June 2017
From Russia With Lulz

While certainly not new to the world of international espionage or hacking, you will find the Russians at the intersection of global politics and cyber security today.

With recent events like the hacking of the Democratic National Committee in the run up to last year’s U.S. presidential election, the ongoing investigations into Russian interference in that election, and even questions about the Russian relationships with key players in the new U.S. administration, the Russians are often top of mind when it comes to possible threat actors.

They are central players in stories all over the news today, whether we’re talking about nation-state activities or the work of criminal gangs. But what’s the real story?

In this episode, we welcome back Andrei Barysevich, Director of Advanced Collection at Recorded Future, to give us his take.

This podcast was produced in partnership with the CyberWire and Pratt Street Media, LLC.