Posted: 17th May 2022

Product Overview

Tines is no-code automation for security teams.

The world's best companies trust Tines to powerfully manage their mission-critical workflows, automatically responding to and remediating alerts in real-time.

In security, and beyond, human creativity is wasted on executing repetitive manual procedures. Tines exists to empower people at the frontlines to robustly automate their work, without code.

Tines integrates with any REST API or web application to fuse data from multiple locations into a single workflow.

Joint Integration Description

Together, Tines and Recorded Future deliver valuable entity enrichment, gathering actionable context for a file hash, IP address, URLs, or domains, and filtering out false positives for known good/low-risk. Security teams are able to respond and remediate faster by building complex automation workflows enriched with threat intelligence to make real-time decisions based on malicious indicator context and scoring.

Business Value

  • Enriching alerts with threat intelligence is a core task – but often with many manual tasks involved.
  • Tines can entirely automate the repetitive aspects of threat intel enrichment.
  • Build complex workflows to coordinate external and internal tools, building context and distilling information.
  • Filter out false positives for known good/low risk IOCs, as well as those recently observed.
  • Run workflows on demand, on a schedule, or trigger automatically.
  • Integrate with any case management system.

Use Cases

Joint customers can leverage Recorded Future to monitor for when credentials belonging to your organization are breached and discovered for sale or in data dumps. Tines can automate the process of verifying these credentials, checking them against your existing users and password policies, alerting your security team automatically, creating tickets, and even blocking IPs attempting to use stolen credentials, allowing you to move faster and with confidence.

Joint customers can also proactively manage their dynamic attack surface. By integrating Attack Surface intelligence with Tines, an organization can better navigate across disparate technology systems and quickly map and resolve vulnerabilities in order to accelerate incident response investigations, supercharge vulnerability scanning, and confidently reduce risk.