ServiceNow and Recorded Future

Product Overview

Your organization’s security teams are hard at work keeping the business safe from ever-evolving threats while managing a growing third-party ecosystem and supporting new digital transformation initiatives. Every second counts for these teams, but they often get bogged down with the repetitive tasks of collecting, sorting, and analyzing threat data. Teams need a way to prioritize their time so they can optimize efforts for maximum risk reduction.

The Recorded Future for ServiceNow integrations provide you with the resources you need to infuse context in your existing workflows by tapping into our real-time security intelligence from directly within the ServiceNow.

Score vulnerabilities based on exploitation risk

Enrich incidents with threat intelligence for faster response

Continuously monitor third parties for risk indicators

Our robust ServiceNow integration portfolio is tailored to automate time-consuming security tasks and streamline workflows across vulnerability management, security operations and incident response, and third-party risk management.

Recorded Future for ServiceNow: Vulnerability Response

Recorded Future scores vulnerabilities based on exploitability using real-time data so teams have the context they need to identify and confidently prioritize vulnerabilities that pose active risk to their organization. Our patented machine learning automatically detects reporting of new observables — from vulnerabilities and exploits, to threat actors targeting your specific organization and industry.

Recorded Future for ServiceNow: Security Incident Response and Threat Intelligence

Recorded Future arms security and IT teams with real-time security intelligence to simplify their workflows, identify incidents faster, and confidently prioritize risks. We use natural language processing to automatically summarize information on more than a billion threat-related entities while providing full access to the original sources. Teams can easily access Recorded Future’s real-time intelligence within ServiceNow to correlate and analyze internal risk data with the widest breadth of open, technical, and dark web sources.

Recorded Future for ServiceNow: Third-Party Risk Management

Recorded Future empowers automatic and continuous monitoring for risk intelligence on every third-party organization in your business’ ecosystem. Access real-time insights into important sources of information, including security incidents, malicious network activity, leaked credentials, and dark web attention — directly from your ServiceNow dashboard.

Recorded Future for ServiceNow: External Attack Surface Management

Dynamic risk rule scoring and contextual evidence helps security and IT teams prioritize and remediate external-facing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations tied to internet-facing assets. Attack Surface Intelligence scores and ranks each risk, from assets linked to high risk vulnerabilities to hosts with basic authentication, and provides helpful context for each rule. In ServiceNOW ITSM, the integration automatically creates a ticket for each host that has a new risk issue within Recorded Future’s Critical or Moderate severity bands to help organizations accelerate their remediation efforts and proactively defend their attack surface.

Attack Surface Intelligence for ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

The integration between Recorded Future and ServiceNow Vulnerability Response revolutionizes threat detection and remediation processes for security and IT teams. It seamlessly incorporates new assets identified by Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) into the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), automates the creation and closure of vulnerable items, and provides real-time dashboards for enhanced visibility. With configurable options and exclusion of muted exposure results, this integration represents a significant advancement in proactively managing external-facing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.