Swimlane | Recorded Future
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Product Overview

Swimlane’s SOAR Platform helps organizations manage the growing volume of alerts more efficiently by automating time-consuming incident response processes. The solution collects security alert data from any connected security platform and then can automatically respond using automated workflows and playbooks.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

With this integration between Swimlane and Recorded Future, workflows can be utilized to perform otherwise manual intelligence queries instantly or at the push of a button. This saves users time on every alert and allows them to respond to other alerts at a faster pace.


  • Enables analysts to instantly reference and use the enrichment and research data in the case record
  • Tasks to quickly reference the available data and support condition-based subsequent actions
  • Provide one-off tasks within the case record to avoid time lost working multiple windows, systems or site

Integration Description

The Swimlane and Recorded Future integration enables the Swimlane SOAR platform to quickly reference valuable threat intelligence and use it to immediately enrich, remediate and respond to events and alerts. The integration also makes the Recorded Future data available in Swimlane case records saving valuable steps and time when analyst involvement is required.