Accelerate security workflows

Through our powerful integrations, security teams gain access to robust intelligence optimized for use in the tools they already use and rely on. This infusion into existing processes and workflows, empowers teams to respond faster and more confidently to the threats in their environment.

Accelerate Security Workflows With Intelligence

Featured Partner Integrations


Identity and Access Management Integrations

Identify and remediate identity compromises before they’re weaponized against your organization

SIEM Integrations

Reduce time spent on manual research and accelerate alert triage with intelligence integrated into your SIEM

SOAR and Incident Response Integrations

Accelerate automation with embedded intelligence into your incident response workflows

Endpoint Integrations

Proactively block threats to your environment before impact and find insights about emerging threats faster

Network Detection Integrations

Correlate Recorded Future Intelligence with internal telemetry to detect previously unknown threats and reduce risk to the environment

Threat Intelligence Integrations

Accelerate research process for threats with a unified view of intelligence

Threat Intelligence Platform Integrations

Aggregate and contextualize your threat intelligence for rapid insights and streamlined investigations.

Analysis Tools Integrations

Streamline analysis workflows with a unified view of intelligence

Vulnerability Management integrations

Identify the vulnerabilities that matter most with context from Recorded Future

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Tools Integrations

Real-time insights on third-party risks

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