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We arm 91 percent of the Fortune 100 with threat intelligence, working with 35,000 security professionals across 22 industries and six continents to lower their cyber risk.

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Fujitsu Takes an Intelligence-Led Approach to Securing Customers

Fujitsu is a global provider of managed security services. Its security operations center applies contextualized threat intelligence from Recorded Future, to connect the dots between emerging vulnerabilities and exploits with indicators of compromise, all in real time.

“We are able to turn information into intelligence using Recorded Future, and this enables our business to make more informed decisions.”

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Identifying and Prioritizing Threats With Recorded Future at Fannie Mae

Recorded Future helps the threat intelligence team at Fannie Mae access and apply intelligence from more data sources than would ever be possible manually. This level of automation allows the team at Fannie Mae to focus their time on triaging alerts, identifying genuine threats, and ensuring the right people are informed.

"At Fannie Mae, executive management is one of the primary customers for threat intelligence. Since executives may not to have an in-depth knowledge of cyber threats, a big part of the threat intelligence team’s job is to keep executives informed about the most significant current threats to the organization."


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McAfee Gets Decision-Making Awareness From Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence

Recorded Future brings together disparate intelligence sources enabling McAfee to gather and assess what’s currently going on. Allowing it to create strategic intelligence, which improves board-level awareness, provides a security vision, and drives policy and planning.

"Recorded Future gives us decision-making awareness. It enables SOC (security operations center) managers, or risk managers, to be proactive by aligning threat assessment and analysis, and partner integration capability so they can make those timely proactive, or sometimes reactive, decisions."


What Our Customers Say About Us

Recorded Future’s unique approach to delivering threat intelligence makes our products and services a valuable resource for our customers' security. A recent independent survey revealed that more than 90 percent of our user base would recommend us.

“It's one of my most powerful and versatile tools.”

“Recorded Future is a great threat intel tool that any company with a threat intel team must have.”

“Provides excellent intelligence that is difficult to obtain any other cost-effective way.”

Industry Recognition and Awards

Cybersecurity experts understand the benefits of contextualized threat intelligence for information security. The industry has recognized Recorded Future as a leading threat intelligence provider with an innovative technology.

“The thing that is most impressive about Recorded Future is the breadth and depth of their coverage. Overall, we see this tool as a 'must have' for any serious threat analyst.”

Peter Stephenson
Technology Editor, SC Media

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